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  • Waikiki beach: Duke Kahanamoku Beach Park and Lagoon

    Duke Kahanamoku Beach Park and Lagoon

    Waikiki, Oahu
    If you are heading to Waikiki for some beach time, the Park and Lagoon are great alternatives to the hustle-bustle of the busier central Waikiki beach access . The access to this location is a bit hidden, but worth the effort to locate it. A... Read more
  • Waikiki beach: Canoes and Queens

    Canoes and Queens

    Waikiki, Oahu
    This stretch of Waikiki beach that includes Queens and Canoes is popularly known as the birthplace of surfing thanks in part to Duke Kahanamoku and the Hawaiian royalties before him who considered these beaches their playgrounds.  Because... Read more
  • Waikiki beach: Publics


    Waikiki, Oahu
    Publics is the stretch of beach nestled between the north side of Waikiki Aquarium and the south end of Queens Beach. The surf break and the beach are named after the public restrooms that they front. To the left and right of the restroom... Read more
  • Waikiki beach: Kapiolani Beach Park

    Kapiolani Beach Park

    Waikiki, Oahu
    The first public park in Hawaii, dedicated in 1877, this park's 300 acres of green space feel like a tropical "Central Park", only oceanside. The south end of the park fronts the beach and ocean at the eastern end of the high-rise district of... Read more