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Waikoloa condos

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Waikoloa condos

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Staying in a Waikoloa condo on the Kohala Coast feels idyllic as it is a location with several resorts in the area. Centuries ago, it was home to Hawaiian royalty and, today, it will feel like home because of the many conveniences while simultaneously a genuine vacation as Waikoloa offers spa, golf, beaches, shopping and all the activities and splendor of an island escape.

Things to Do

Our Waikoloa condos are on the west side of Big Island, considered the drier side in comparison to other parts, but the land is no less lush. Several beaches are within the proximity and Anaehoomalu Beach is particularly special. Kayak, snorkel, scuba and rent a variety of sports gear to fully experience the activity here. Also within the vicinity, whether you're a history buff or not, you should take advantage of the fishpond, multiple trails and petroglyphs. Trace the path of royalty and walk the King's Trail (Mamalahoa Trail) to see ancient sites, a trail with much character, carved by the lava rock. The moderately challenging trail is part of Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. Along the ancient fishpond are plaques with information about ancient times. Part of King's Trail offers a glimpse of the Francis H. I'i Brown Golf Course (at the Fairmont Orchid), consistently ranked among the world's best resort golf courses.

Whale watching is a scenic adventure in Waikoloa. The warm waters are inviting to the humpback whales, which you have good opportunities to see from December through May. Protected by Hawaiian law, whales cannot be approached by swimmers or boats within 100 yards; however, the whales may swim to you, which is obviously permitted!

Eat and Shop

Porches, patios, and plenty of ocean views intangibly create better tasting foods, especially with cocktails in hand. The resort area near our Waikoloa village condos offers many top-notch places to dine, from casually elegant to upscale. Naturally, seafood is available, as are many cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Italian, burgers and more. Stock up with fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and local treats from the Waikoloa Farmers' Market and grocery store for times you're cooking in your condo.

Take an edge off the adventure with indulging spa treatments at the resorts or explore some semi-indoor activity by shopping the vast boutiques and stores. The Queens' MarketPlace and the Kings' Shops are a few places to find a ton of apparel, sports gear, accessories, jewelry and more. Shopping will be an experience as these centers offer special events, including Hawaiian folklore events, petroglyph tours, music and art events.

Getting Around

Renting a car will make travel within the resort area of Waikoloa simpler. Public transportation (via the Hele-On Bus) is an option as well

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