Anini Beach Park

Anini Beach Park


Anini is the largest and most expansive county beach park on the North Shore of Kauai with 12.5 acres of land stretching along tranquil ocean.  When other North Shore beaches are too dangerous to swim, Anini is the perfect destination for calm ocean conditions and a relaxing beach day.  Located half way between Kilauea town and Princeville,  this park makes for a nice stop over or central destination for a few hours of lounging while exploring the North Shore.

HIGHLIGHTS: The calmest ocean access on the North shore of Kauai. Convenient parking and amenities, gorgeous sweeping coastal view stretching toward Kilauea lighthouse. The amazing blue color of the ocean reflecting sky here is memorable.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, snorkeling, picnic, and beach lounging.
WARNINGS! The near shore swimming here is very calm and shallow, if snorkeling beware that currents will increase as you get closer to the outer reef.
AMENITIES: Paved beachside walkway, parking, picnic benches with shelters, restrooms, and showers. Often a lunch wagon sells food at the park entry.

The most striking detail when upon reaching the beach at Anini is the calm flat ocean that stretches from near shore several hundred yards out to the outer reef. The distant reef buffers the surf making the ocean here placid.  The flat ocean surface makes the reflective quality of the water like a mirror reflecting the blue sky and white puffy clouds on the horizon.  The combination of elements is extremely peaceful.

There are a lot of amenities at Anini making it a great place for families with small children or elder visitors, from ample amounts of parking, to the short walk to the beach, there is no stress in getting to the ocean here.  Shade lines the backside of the beach, making it easy to gauge exposure to our intense tropical sun.

The far end of the park hosts campers and can seem like an international village in the summers, as vacationers from around the globe choose Anini's comforts and campground as their North Shore home. The entry side of the park is day use and has picnic stations, pavilions, and a boat ramp. There is even a food truck for an on the spot meal option.

Best Beach Access:
Past the second pavilion of the park there is the sweetest section of sand with a view of the far side of Kalihiwai Valley and the Kilauea Lighthouse in the distance.  Park roadside on the right and walk toward the ocean.

Adventure tip:
If Anini seems too crowded,  there are a few small quiet portions of beach before and after the park on the same road. Take a short drive further or back toward the road in, and investigate.  

Closest town: Kilauea/Princeville
Kuhio Highway between mile markers 24 and 25
From Princeville: Take Kuhio highway/ HI-route 56 East past Princeville airport, make second left onto Kalihiwai road. There will be an "Anini Beach Park" sign right before the road. Take Kalihiwai road 0.1 of a mile and look for left hand split onto "Anini Beach Road" follow for approximately 1 mile. The park begins after the small residential ocean front neighborhood.

From Kilauea:
Take Kuhio Highway/ HI-route 56 West across a long curving bridge across the Kalihiwai Valley, as the road climbs uphill look for Kalihiwai Road on the right.
Take Kalihiwai road 0.1 of a mile and look for left hand split onto "Anini Beach Road" follow for approximately 1 mile. The park begins after the small residential ocean front neighborhood.


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