Tunnels Beach aka Makua at Ha'ena Point


"Tunnels" is a scenically beautiful beach that rounds Ha'ena Point on Kaua'i's North Shore. Though the beach is not very wide, it stretches for almost a mile with fantastic views of the coast and brilliant aqua blue ocean. The underwater topography is a combination of lava rock and coral reef, when calm ocean conditions prevail, snorkeling the shallows close to shore can make for an epic Kaua'i experience.

HIGHLIGHTS: During calm ocean summers exquisite snorkeling awaits close to shore, "Tunnels" wraps around a peninsula providing stunning panoramic views.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, snorkeling, beach lounging, and picnicking
WARNINGS!  It is always a good idea to check in with the lifeguards at nearby Ha'ena County Park regarding the days' conditions and potential hazards.
AMENITIES: This beach has NO amenities, as it is residential neighborhood. However, a visit to nearby Ha'ena County Park will meet your needs.

The name "Tunnels" refers to underwater lava tubes in the area. It is easy to find, but parking is extremely limited. As the beach wraps the ocean in a residential neighborhood, there are no official signs except of the "No Parking" variety, leaving the visitor to stalk what little amount of parking. See Adventure Tips below for ways to avoid the hassles of parking.

"Tunnels" is a gorgeous destination whether snorkeling or not, there is a huge scenic presence to behold. The ocean is incredible hues of aqua blue and the underwater shallowness amplifies the colors. The northern coastal view looks upon open-ocean and parades of billowing tropical cloud formations march by pushed by the predominant trade winds momentum.  Wind is a factor on this beach, especially on the right half which faces directly into the predominant "trade winds". It is easy to walk left around the point and duck out of the winds if they are too strong.

The left side of the beach, as it wraps toward Ha'ena Park, has an incredible view of the towering rock cliffs that herald the beginning of the Na Pali coast. The left end of the beach has the most traffic, avoid the crowds and hassles by accessing Ha'ena via a short walk from Alealea Road which is at the eastern end of the beach.

Adventure Tips:
If you would like the best options for parking close to this beach, an early arrival is a must. However, if the limited close parking is not an issue "Tunnels" has 2 other access points where parking is more plentiful. First we have Ha'ena County Park is just passed "Tunnels" access with a larger parking lot, and you can walk 150 yards down the sand, and you are by the closest restrooms to your destination. Second option, is just prior to mile marker 35 on Alealea Road, adjacent to the YMCA camp where an access trail puts you on the right end of "Tunnels". Most people do not know about this parking option so take advantage and be a beach ninja.

Closest Town: Hanalei

Take Huhio Highway/HI-route 56 West out of Hanalei for 5 miles winding along the coast. Once you pass mile marker 35 and are driving slowly through residential area, begin looking for "Tunnels" Signs. The primary access to "Tunnels" is through residential streets. There is not much clear signage for this beach, if you reach Ha'ena County Beach Park and the stream crossing without finding parking then you may want to park there and walk along the beach to "Tunnels" area.


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