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  • Haena beach: Ke'e Beach at Haena State Park

    Ke'e Beach at Haena State Park

    Haena, Kauai
    Upon reaching the "end of the road" at Ke'e Beach, nature takes center stage. Jagged stone cliffs tower overhead, with lush jungle vines wrapping the trees, and layer upon layer of greenery carpet the landscape. The famed Na Pali Coast... Read more
  • Haena beach: Haena County Beach Park

    Haena County Beach Park

    Haena, Kauai
    An incredible Bay and Beach await those willing to go the distance for this "end of the road" treat. An 8 mile drive past Hanalei town along some of the most beautiful coastline in Hawaii transports you to this park with a view. Upon crossing a... Read more
  • Haena beach: Tunnels Beach aka Makua at Ha'ena Point

    Tunnels Beach aka Makua at Ha'ena Point

    Haena, Kauai
    "Tunnels" is a scenically beautiful beach that rounds Ha'ena Point on Kaua'i's North Shore. Though the beach is not very wide, it stretches for almost a mile with fantastic views of the coast and brilliant aqua blue ocean. The underwater... Read more