Nakalele Point and Blowhole


Located at the rugged northwestern tip of Maui, Nakalele Point offers stunning views along the coastline cliffs, a light beacon, potential whale spotting, a trail along the lava fields, and a blowhole that, when active, spouts a fountain of ocean water over 100 feet into the air.


Maui's northern coast is a pristine, awe-inspiring natural wonderland with breathtaking views around every bend of the narrow, curvy road. Similar in some ways to the Road to Hana, Highway 30 (Honoapiilani Highway) offers much to be discovered in this remote area of the island. Drive cautiously, and be sure to fill up your tank before heading out if you intend to drive along the entire northern coast.

Nakalele Point is a short distance up the highway from Kapalua, and one of the first major sites visitors will get to. With a few pull-off parking area options off mile markers #38 and #40, visitors have the option of hiking along the lava trail to the blowhole, or parking directly above the blowhole and viewing it from there or walking the short trail to the coast.

The famous blowhole is formed by the salty ocean water wearing through the shore under the lava shelf. When this happens, water is ejected through the hole in the lava. The intensity of the blasts varies greatly depending on the weather, tide levels, and currents.  Always remain a safe distance from the blowhole. It can erupt suddenly and if visitors are standing too close, it is possible to get sucked back into the hole when the water comes back down.



Don't approach the blowhole to avoid getting sucked into the hole.

Highway 30, West Maui, Mile Marker #38 and #40

From the west side (Lahaina/Kaanapali/Kapalua), take Highway 30 (Honoapiilani Highway) north. There are pull off parking areas just past mile marker #38 and #40. Both spots have a path leading down to the blowhole. If you want to follow the lava trail (about a 30 minute hike), park at #38 and walk around. If you want a shorter walk and or just want to view the blowhole from the road, park at the #40 pull-off.


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