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  • Kapalua thingtodo: Stand Up Paddle with the Kapalua Bay Beach Crew

    Stand Up Paddle with the Kapalua Bay Beach Crew

    Kapalua, Maui
    Stand Up Paddle Boarding has quickly developed into one of the most popular water sports across the globe. Whether in rivers and lakes or oceans and pools, Paddle boarding is a great leisure activity for all age groups. With its roots stretching... Read more
  • Kapalua thingtodo: Dragon's Teeth

    Dragon's Teeth

    Kapalua, Maui
    This unique area on the west side of Maui resembles something from another planet. An example of the amazing ancient volcanic forces at work, the area was aptly named Dragon's Teeth because the rock structures look like large, terrifyingly... Read more
  • Kapalua thingtodo: Olivine Pools

    Olivine Pools

    Kapalua, Maui
    The Olivine Pools, located along northwestern Maui's rugged coastline, offer large tidepools of clear water perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on a calm day. Named after a gem found embedded in the area's lava and sandstone, the... Read more
  • Kapalua thingtodo: Nakalele Point and Blowhole

    Nakalele Point and Blowhole

    Kapalua, Maui
    Located at the rugged northwestern tip of Maui, Nakalele Point offers stunning views along the coastline cliffs, a light beacon, potential whale spotting, a trail along the lava fields, and a blowhole that, when active, spouts a fountain of... Read more