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  • Makena thingtodo: Lava Fields at La Perouse Bay

    Lava Fields at La Perouse Bay

    Makena, Maui
    There are numerous stunningly distinct and unforgettable landscape features that set Hawaii apart from most other places in the world, and the lava found in abundance on the islands are one of the most interesting. The lava fields at La Perouse... Read more
  • Makena thingtodo: Paddle with Turtles at Makena Landing

    Paddle with Turtles at Makena Landing

    Makena, Maui
    Makena Landing faces west toward the island of Kaho'olawe and the crescent shaped islet of Molikini. These islands help block large surf from reaching the bay and therefor it is well protected and has prevailing calm waters, especially in the... Read more
  • Makena thingtodo: Makena Kai Day Spa

    Makena Kai Day Spa

    Makena, Maui
    The ideal Hawaiian vacation combines a blend of adrenaline-packed adventure with indulgent relaxation in a luxurious tropical setting. For the latter, Makena Kai Day Spa in sunny south Maui provides the perfect solution. With a full menu of... Read more