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Wailuku Things To Do

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  • Wailuku thingtodo: Maui Tropical Plantation

    Maui Tropical Plantation

    Wailuku, Maui
    This classic tourist destination sits amidst the edge of Maui's sugar cane plantation, and is surrounded by working farms cultivating a variety of flowers and produce. Its central valley location makes it a great roadside attraction for a pause... Read more
  • Wailuku thingtodo: Wailuku's 1st Friday Town Party

    Wailuku's 1st Friday Town Party

    Wailuku, Maui
    On every first Friday of the month historic Wailuku town host a celebration and block party on its aptly named Market Street. For several blocks the road closes and pedestrians rule, as an outdoor street fair sets up at 5:30 pm with free music... Read more
  • Wailuku thingtodo: Hawaiian Village Tour

    Hawaiian Village Tour

    Wailuku, Maui
    This one of a kind tour experience immerses you into the world of "pre-contact" Hawaii. Through this hike and multidisciplinary immersion guests are welcome to practice some of the crafts and preparations applied by the native kanaka (people) to... Read more