Enjoy Kauai's Farmer's Markets


The lush green Garden Isle gets its name for the abundance of farms and orchards growing foods for the local markets. You won't always find this wonderful food at the local supermarket on Kauai, some big chains actually ship in most of their produce from the mainland. If cooking with fresh ingredients is an appealing thought, you might tune in to the farmer's markets that occur several days a week. Each day of the week, somewhere on the island an amazing array of local farmed and fresh produce is put on pop up tables and sold by the proud farmer adding an extra value to the experience of living local in Kauai.

At a glance:

Highlights: Fresh locally grown fruit, veggies, honey, eggs, and more. All fresh picked and sold by the farmer's. Fill your basket for a fraction of the grocery store prices.
Options: Puhi, Koloa, Hanalei, Kapaa, and Kilauea
Costs: Bring lots of $1 and $5 bills and you will be a hero. Most items are at half the store costs. Bulk purchases can make for fun deal making potential.

Three of Kauai's best farmer's markets:
1. Tuesday at 2pm at Hanalei, Kauai:
One of the best markets by location is the Tuesday Hanalei market just outside of town heading west. The grassy roadside patch has an amazing view of the upper Waipa Valley. The diversity of products, treats and produce is impressive for this rural end of the island. The mid-afternoon is the perfect time of day for an icy cold fresh coconut, or a frozen fruit popsicle while you peruse the vendors. Fresh papaya, mango, bananas, and citrus are all in abundance. It is a great time to learn about new fruit you have never seen before. Ask the vendor and they will be happy to tell you about your new discovery. Fresh flowers abound, with seasonal varieties and staple tropical favorites fronting vendor booths with splashes of color ready to go home to your rental. When you've finished your foray into the market, just drive a few blocks and find some shade parking for your produce and enjoy world class Hanalei Bay for a swim.

2. Wednesday at 3pm in Kapaa, Kauai:
On the eastside of Kauai, the favored market is on Wednesday afternoon at the ballpark in Kapaa. There are many vendors here and the selection is amazing. The parking here takes some patience as the market is placed at a bottleneck at the edge of the park. Take the Kapaa by-pass to access the market from the traffic roundabout adjacent to the market, better to park at the edge of the lot and walk in for ease of exit when you are finished shopping.

3. Saturday at 9am in Puhi, Kauai:
This market is easy to find on the campus of Kauai Community College on the edge of the central town of Lihue heading south toward Poipu. This market kicks off the weekend for many a local, and has a lot of brunch options from food vendors on-site. Baked goods, coffee, and juices are all represented well, but even local harvested honey and goat cheese are available to sample. The parking here is abundant and Saturday traffic in Lihue is minimal, making this market an easy to reach stop in your day.

Local's tip:
Bring that loaner cooler from you rental. Visit a farmers market as part of your tour day and ice the cooler with your fresh purchases. Just remember to park in the shade with your precious cargo. Bon appetite!


  • Hanalei: Leaving Hanalei on Kuhio Highway/HI-route 56 West cross the bridge at  end of town and proceed 1/10th  of a mile and look for entry on left.
  • Kapaa:  In the center of town, but inland at community park. If coming from in town, turn inland at the "ABC store" on Kuhio Highway and drive 200 yards looking for park on the right side.  Coming from out of town take the "by-pass" to the traffic circle or roundabout. Take the road toward the ocean off the circle and look for parking at the park on the left.
  • Puhi:  Heading out of Lihue on HI-route 50/Kaumualii Highway look for community college on roadside just past Kilohana House and Kukui Grove Shopping Center. Intersection of Puhi Road and route 50.

Other markets to check out:

  • Kilauea Saturdays at 11:30 am by post office
  • Hanalei Saturday 9:30 am at the ballpark
  • Koloa town Mondays at 12 noon at the ballpark


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