Napili Bay


A balmy, coconut palm-lined soft sandy beach with calm vividly blue water and gentle breezes, this is the place where you can just float away in relaxation. Welcome to Napili Bay, a wide and open west-facing ocean bay that whispers paradise in many ways. Nestled amongst several classic condominium resorts on a small side street off Lower Honoapiilani Road in Napili, it is picture-perfect and quite popular. The parking is a little tricky, limited curb-side only, but is truly worth the effort; once you have found this beach you won't want to leave it.

HIGHLIGHTS: Excellent swimming, fantastic views of neighbor islands, and an ideal beach setting.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, snorkeling, stand-up paddling, and bodyboarding
WARNINGS!: Reef and rocks underwater at both ends of the bay, and a rock shelf with shore break in the middle, calmer between these areas.
AMENITIES: Several beach showers, but no official restrooms (but buying a beverage at the beachfront restaurant can get you a bathroom key)

Parking here is either along Lower Honoapiilani Road or smaller Hui Drive, but once you have figured that part, take the beach walkway on Hui road across from the Napili Sunset Resort. Walk down the path to the beach and you will find yourself in the middle of a large scenic bay mostly covered by a long soft-sanded beach. Either direction has great ocean access. The far right end of the beach has the Seahouse Restaurant for snacks and restroom access with your purchase.

Swimming and ocean play here is fairly easy, as the bay cradling the beach stretches far inland, protecting the bathers from the strong swells. Deep blue water is most reminiscent of a large pool, with barely a ripple on the surface. Far-reaching rocky outcroppings at both ends of the bay greatly reduce current and wave conditions, especially on the right half of the beach, making this location very attractive to stand-up paddlers of all levels, as well as perfect for long swims. Calmer surf prevails towards the winter months. This sandy beach stretches more than 150 yards long and varies between 25 and 50 yards in width.

For snorkeling, a section of the reef on the far left extends to an expansive field of reefs heading left for 100 yards. Be aware of surf and tide conditions before visiting this side of the bay. Avoid low tide, as the reef is very shallow close to shore. During very windy days this side of the bay can develop currents as well, so please be cautious.

Closest town: Naplili / Lahaina

Head north on Route 30 looking for Napili Road intersection and turn toward the ocean. Head to the bottom of the road and make a right onto Lower Honoapiilani Road. Drive 0.6 miles looking for Hui Drive on the left. Look for the signs to the many small resorts fronting the bay, all containing the word "Napili". Once you have found Hui Road, look immediately for roadside parking. Beach access is from the small residential street halfway down on the left.


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