Tracks Beach Park


While not in the prettiest area (across from a busy highway and a power plant), Tracks Beach Park is gorgeous and relatively quiet with crystal clear, turquoise water. The beach is on a downward slant with lots of trees and bushes at the top, which provides both shade and a sort of "barrier" from everything on the other side. Bonus the furry members of your family are welcome here, as well! When your dog is tired of having to stay at home, this is the place to go.

HIGHLIGHTS: Tracks Beach Park is a somewhat remote and secluded beach, despite being right off of the highway. It's the perfect beach escape for those on the leeward side who are looking to avoid the crazy crowds of some of the more popular beaches in Waikiki and beyond.

ACTIVITIES: Swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, sunning, whale watching, fishing, body boarding, picnics


WARNINGS!: Make sure to lock your vehicle and remove anything valuable before heading onto the beach. Break-ins are unfortunately very common on the west side.

AMENITIES: Parking, restrooms, shower

Although an eyesore, the electric plant on the other side of the highway makes this stretch of coast a unique snorkeling experience. Seawater is used by the plant for cooling purposes, and then funneled back into the ocean. The steady stream of warm water has created an abundant underwater world of sea life and the clear water makes for perfect snorkeling conditions.

Closest town: Kapolei


  • From Honolulu: Take the H1 W. Keep left to take H201 W/HI-78 W (exit 19B) toward Fort Shafter/Aiea. Merge onto H1 W toward Pearl City. H1 W will become HI-93/Farrington Hwy. Tracks Beach Park is right off of Farrington Hwy, on the left, north of Kapolei. You can watch for the huge power plant as a landmark it will be on the right, just a bit before the beach park parking lot.  
  • From Waianae, follow Farrington Hwy down toward Kapolei. Tracks Beach Park will be to the right, beyond Nanakuli and before Kapolei, just before the large, impossible-to-miss power plant, which will be on the left.


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