Anahola Beach Park


Along the ocean in the sleepy town of Anahola, sits a lesser-known North Shore beach park with a protected swimming cove and scenic view of the Bay. Lose the resort crowds here for the day, or simply make this a stop on the way to points further, as you explore the Garden Isle. Best yet, this park has drive up convenience with parking just a few feet from the beach.

HIGHLIGHTS: The calmest ocean access in this region featuring a protected inner swimming area with a great view of Anahola Bay and the outer reef surf breaks.
Features easy drive up parking right next to the beach.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, snorkeling, picnics, and beach lounging.
LIFEGUARD: Yes 7 days a week 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
WARNINGS! Swimming is only recommended in the protected area in front of the lifeguard tower, and to the right. Avoid the left end of beach and park, as conditions are hazardous from an old broken apart boat dock.
AMENITIES: Parking, restrooms, picnic benches, barbeques, and showers.

The town of Anahola is the gateway to the North shore of Kauai. As the Kuhio Highway  meanders  inland through the area,  there is not much is revealed about the beautiful bay front beach and park that is a just short drive away.  The Anahola Bay is expansive and it has extensive outer coral reefs that buffer the beach park section from impacts from surf.  The soft sand appears noticeably golden from the mixture of Kauai's red earth pigment and the miniature fragments of coral and shell that construct the beach.  The combination has the marvelous affect of amplifying the hues of aqua blue in the shallow ocean making it picture perfect.

On any given day a handful of visitors' share the beach with local families with kids.
It is more authentic Hawaiian here then near the more developed resort regions, making for a nice change of pace.  The lifeguards here are very friendly, and guests are encouraged to check in with them during a days visit to get safety recommendations.

Ocean front shade trees have a few picnic tables set beneath them for a meal with a view of the Bay. For dessert, take in the amazing view of the mountains in the distance either by swimming out a short distance or by walking as far right of the beach where it touches the rocky shoreline.  

Best Beach Access:
There is easy parking adjacent to the small beach and cove to the far right of the park. Drive past the camping area at the entrance, and continue right and deeper into the park passing the lifeguard stand and restrooms. Look for parking in the lot at the end next to the coconut trees.

Adventure tip:
If you are timid about snorkeling this is a good North Shore practice spot.
This is also a great rest stop on a long drive from Poipu area, as it is about 10 minutes north of Kapaa town. The view North West from here will give you an idea of the conditions that lay ahead.  If the skies look cloudy ahead then this park makes the perfect location to pause to see if things clear up.  If not then Anahola, and Kealia Beach to its' south are your best bets for the day.

Closest town: Anahola/Kapa'a
Kuhio Highway between mile markers 12 and 13.
From Kapaa: Head out of town north on Kuhio Highway after several miles of open fields you will approach a residential area with a blue sign stating "Anahola"  slow down and prepare to turn right on Kukuihale Road.
From the North: Pass through Anahola town and the bus stops and stores. The road climbs uphill and enters a section of housing, look for the left hand turn lane at the top of the hil and safely turn onto Kukuihale Road.

From Kukuihale Road:
Drive slowly through the residential neighborhood going downhill and keep a look out for a  yellow "10 mph" sign then a sharp left turn. 100 yards past sharp left you will find the entrance to the park to the right. Enter the park and head as far right as the parking area road will take you, and follow to the end past the lifeguards stand.


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