Poipu Beach Park and Brennecke's Beach


This expansive county beach park in the Po'ipu area is the perfect destination for calm ocean conditions and a relaxing beach day. Nearly five and a half acres of grassy lawns  with a kids playground, coconut trees, ample shade, and picnic tables with pavilions makes this a great family destination.


HIGHLIGHTS: A protective cove creates the calmest ocean access in Po'ipu.
Grassy park buffers the beach from the road and is full of picnic grounds with gorgeous sweeping coastal views. Lots of parking and is ADA accessible.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, snorkeling, playground, body boarding at "Brenecke's"
LIFEGUARD: YES 7 days: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
WARNINGS! The near shore swimming in the cove is very calm and shallow, if snorkeling be aware that currents increase as you get closer to the outside. Checking in with lifeguards here is recommended, especially if swimming or body boarding at the 2 sections of un-lifeguarded beach.
AMENITIES: Paved walkways, ample parking, picnic benches with shelters, restrooms, and showers. Large children's play structure.
Shops across the street for refreshments.

The primary beach area for the park is directly across from where Ho'owili Road intersects with Ho'one Road. A beautiful aqua blue ocean cove is a short walking distance into the park at the end of a paved pathway. The beauty and the safety of this location makes it a popular destination. Though the beachfront may get crowded around the protected cove,  it is easy to take a walk around the park, or perhaps take the kids over to the playground area to feel more spaciousness.

At the far left side of the park across the large lawn is a second smaller white sand beach section that accesses a wave break called "Brennecke's". This beach section is often overlooked by the masses, and even has its' own small parking area roadside.
"Brennecke's" is a popular body board wave and it often barrel's even when it is small. Beware of shore break waves in shallow water.

There is also an extension of beach to the right side of the park for longer walks in the sand. The scenic Nukumoi Point is linked by a sand bar that stretches out from this section of the beach, during calm ocean conditions it is a fun area to walk through the shallows to explore,  please beware of waves if you choose to go.

The swimming cove is directly in front of the lifeguard tower providing safer access to ocean swimming and snorkeling then any other spot in the area. The lifeguards recommend visitors check in with them before going in so they might point out any hazards or tidal conditions that may be prevalent. The cove can get very shallow during low tide making snorkeling as easy as floating over the shallows with fish darting about feeding off the rocks and coral chunks below.

As with most swim-friendly county parks on island, this beach trends toward more crowds on weekends as locals enjoy this park for birthdays and luau's for their children.

Here is a video link to a video view of Po'ipu Beach Park:

Adventure tip: Po'ipu is a great place to escape to when the North Shore or East Shores of the island are covered in clouds or rain. There are several webcams in the area to do some pre-search before you start your journey.

Closest town: Poipu/Koloa town
Driving to Po'ipu: Take Kaumuali'i Highway/ HI-route 50 to Po'ipu and follow the signs for "Po'ipu/ Koloa"  turning onto Maluhia Road/ HI-route 520. Follow Maluhia Road for 3.3 miles to the stop sign in Koloa town. Turn right onto Koloa Road and look for a left hand turn lane 50 yards ahead, follow the signs for "Po'ipu" and turn left onto  Po'ipu Road and follow for several miles until you reach the traffic circle. Entering the circle follow signs for Po'ipu Road continuation. (see below)

Staying in Po'ipu:
Driving on Po'ipu Road looking for signs for Po'ipu Beach Park, turn on Ho'owili Road on the Oceanside of the roadway. Drive down hill and look for parking in parking lots on right and left upon intersecting Ho'one Road. Additional parking by turning left on Ho'one Road and driving 50 yards.


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