Shipwrecks Beach aka Keoniloa Beach

Shipwrecks Beach aka Keoniloa Beach


Soft sands stretch out wide welcoming you to one of the largest undeveloped beaches in the Po'ipu resort region. The Keoniloa Bay and Beach, also known as "Shipwrecks", has a forested edge and a small cliff that reaches out into the ocean for a striking scenic backdrop. A small county park wayside adjacent to the parking has great amenities and grassy lawn to take a shade break or simply picnic.

HIGHLIGHTS: Wild and scenically beautiful, with easy drive up convenience and wayside support park for amenities make this a Po'ipu favorite.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming for strong swimmers only, intermediate-level body boarding, and beach lounging. Hiking coastal trail.
WARNINGS! The beach can slant steeply into the ocean here, causing waves to often break close to or on-shore. Be cautious entering or exiting the ocean and observe conditions carefully before choosing to enter. Rip currents can prevail during surf.
A red flag is posted at the resort visible on right side of beach when hazardous conditions have been observed in the Bay. If in doubt, don't go out!
AMENITIES: A small parking lot, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and grassy lawn.

"Shipwreck's" gets its name from a wooden shipwreck visible long ago that was prominent on the coastline here. It has long since vanished, but the name persists. The feeling of this location is wild with lava rock outcroppings to the right, a buffer of native naupaka bushes and crawling morning glory vines separate you from the Hyatt resort. On the left side, an ironwood forest blankets the rear of the beach, with the striking lithified sand dune forming Makawehi Point stretching out into the sea. The scenery is vivid, and highlights the mood of an unruly ocean.

Conditions in the ocean here vary with intensity through out the year. The southern direction of this beach and its underwater topography make for currents and waves that can break powerfully close to shore.

Public access to "Shipwrecks" is provided just past the Hyatt's property making finding this beach easy. The parking area is relatively small, but not to worry as there is much additional parking on both sides of the roadway that leads to the beach parking lot.

Adventure tip: Once on Shipwreck's your only concerns are food and water so make sure to pack plenty to make the most of your rest and relaxation here
The Mahaulepu heritage trail starts here and heads East for several miles, but even a short walk here reveals undeveloped coastline and natural wonder.

Closest towns: Po'ipu/Koloa town

Driving to Po'ipu: Take Kaumualii Highway/ HI-route 50 to Poipu and follow the signs for "Poipu/ Koloa" turning at Maluhia Road/ HI-route 520. Follow this road for several miles until you see a sign for the Koloa By-Pass aka Ala Konoiki follow this road to its end. At the stop sign turn left and look for the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort on the right, just past the resort turn right onto Ainakoa Road and follow to the end and the parking entrance will be on the right.
Staying in Po'ipu: Finding this beach is easy. Drive East on Poipu Road look for the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort on the right, just past the resort turn right onto Ainakoa Road and follow to the end and the parking entrance will be on the right.


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