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Kauai is an island of adventure, for those seeking excitement you might try one of the newest Eco-Adventures with Skyline. Flying while attached to ziplines stretched above the trees in the lush green Kahili Mountains, you will get a raised pulse and rare views seldom seen. This zipline experience has much to offer, whether you have tried it before or not, the lines grow longer and faster leading to excitement that builds and bonds your group. Skyline is Hawaii's veteran zipline operator, with courses on multiple islands and this reflects in the skills of their trained staff. The Poipu Kauai Skyline course has an excellent design. The upper most zipline is perched on the edge of forest reserve, overlooking the Omao Gulch with a view that stretches all the way to the ocean. As you continue down the ridgeline you get a chance to reflect on the beauty that surrounds as you cheer one another on.

At a Glance:
Highlights: Flying above the rainforest while safely harnessed onto a zipline. Trained staff that helps you all the way, teaching you the ropes and makes for great family activity for teens.
Activity Level: Able-bodied participation required for enjoying this activity safely.
Moderate to extreme depending on your comfort with heights, and fitness.
Hazards: Launch and landings require attention, agility and leg power. Should be avoided if you have had leg issues, surgeries, back issues, must be over 80 pounds or under 260 pounds. See restrictions on the web page link below.
Time Length: 2 to 3 hours: drive and zip 8 lines.
Cost: $139.95 or book online for $125.96 plus tax

Where to Start:

The journey begins at Poipu Ziplines office at the shops at Kukui'ula. Reservations are recommended, as the excursions are almost always booked well in advance.
The Poipu Zipline base station gets you checked in and ready for your trip. Loaded in an air conditioned van, the 15 minute drive into the mountains from the office will bring you into a much cooler climate as you gain elevation and enter into the hills. The total adventure time varies by group size, but plan on 2 to 3 hours. You can bring only what you can carry with you as you zip along, so eating and hydrating are recommended prior to your zipline adventure. There are a few nearby shops with food and refreshments, and a restroom in the upstairs of the Poipu Zipline building, so fuel up and get ready.

After the short drive past a locked gated access, you reach the mountain base station where you meet your zip guides and get harnessed and helmeted in a small shelter with your first look at the amazing view. As your group walks uphill toward the first launch and you see the wooden walkway with a cable stretched overhead reaching out to what looks like a distant landing strip, it will dawn on you for a moment that you are about to do something extreme. Now you are in it, and a strange camaraderie takes hold amongst your tour-mates.

You have to love the basic rules of ziplining, run then fly then land, pay attention and don't ever touch the cable above. Anything you bring on this adventure should be zipped into a pocket or clipped to your person. A go pro helmet rental that they offer in the Poipu shop will make abundant sense after you try to photograph your first zip line. The operative word "zip" means lots of pre and post pictures can be taken, but when you are flying across the gulch sensory over load in a quickness make picture taking almost impossible. The guides will often snap a quick photo for you as you get prepped for your turn.

A total of 8 zip lines make up the course, and each line gets you ready for the bigger and longer lines eventually reaching 1200 feet long! Sometimes a wooden stair riser gets you to a launch plank, and the landing varies between gravel slope, and wooden planking. Though zipping is categorized as an extreme activity, the actual effort and potential for harm comes in the landing. Make sure you read their safety recommendations; they are full of the necessary information to determine whether you should attempt this activity.

The course goes through annual inspections and certifications, keeping safety and stability of the course as a sustainable priority. Skyline is a longstanding company in the islands who have been helping to develop the standards for the industry in Hawaii.

Skyline Poipu Link:

From Lihue head west on HI 50/Kaumualii Hwy for 6.6 miles. Turn left onto Maluhia Road/ HI 520 aka the "tree tunnel" and follow for 3.2 miles to stop sign and turn right onto Kaloa Road. Drive 0.1 of a mile then turn left onto the Poipu Road driving 1.5 miles to the circle. At the roundabout take the first right on Ala Kalanikaumaka St. and pull into the Shops at Kukui'ula and turn right look for Skyline Eco-Adventures signs.


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