Hamoa Beach


Just outside of Maui's eastern-most little town of Hana there is an exquisite beach called Hamoa. This stunning expanse of sand surrounded by verdant hills and black cliffs is so picturesque, it has made several top-ten lists for world's most scenic beaches'. It has a special blend of "salt and pepper" sand consisting of white coral grains and microscopic black lava rock pebbles, contrasting beautifully with the aqua hues of the ocean. Facing east across the turbulent Alenuihaha channel, the ocean here can be rough and hazardous for swimming so be careful and observant of conditions on the day of your visit.

HIGHLIGHTS: Postcard-perfect beach for Hana side of the island. Absolutely spectacular.
ACTIVITIES:Swimming, bodyboarding, walking, and experienced-level-only outer bay surfing.
WARNINGS!: Hidden sand bar about 50 yards out can create an inside push on the waves which adds to currents and injury potential from body surfing or diving under waves into shallow water. The locals at Hamoa often offer helpful advice in regards to hazards and places to avoid here.
AMENITIES: Public shower along the access path, public restrooms behind Travasa resort cabana.

Hamoa is a must-see for any Hana stay or visit. A scenic drive of just 2.5 miles from town and you are transported back into classic Hawaiian style to this jewel of a beach. Stone walls line the road near the beach entrance, and signals the look for roadside parking, there is no designated parking lot, and you will see many creative ways people leave their cars. The beach access is a paved walkway adjacent to the paved pull-out area with the small bus stop shelter. As you walk down the path, note the showers on the left at the edge of the beach. There are several pavilions recessed from the beach that are part of the Travasa resort and are exclusively for the usage of their guests. However, beaches are public and open to all. Travasa is nice enough to let non-hotel guests use the restrooms, just follow the signs for the public bathrooms around the corner of the building.

Unlike beaches of Maui's West and South sides, Hamoa never gets very crowded, for you have to conquer the road to Hana to get here. At 200 yards in length, sheer length of this beach is very inviting for walks in between swims. Ample shade of the old trees that grow by the cliffs all along the beach protects from the worst of the mid-day sun.

Ocean conditions fluctuate here from calm to fierce, so swimming here is best approached with caution. The safest entry for swimming is to the left where the beach bends toward the cliffs below the roadway. It stays relatively calm there. From the middle of the beach to the right there is often a predominant shore break due to a sandbar that pushes the waves up. The local kids make these waves look rideable but they are fearless and very experienced. Same goes for the outer bay break, it can be great surfing for the experienced rider.

Closest town: Hana
From Hasagawa's store in the center of Hana town. Head south out of town on the Hana highway also known as route 330 and drive 2.5 miles through the pasture land turning left on Haneoo road. (Make note that Haneoo road is a looping road, we recommend the second entrance to it which means you will drive 1 mile past the first entry and take the second entry for easier access to Hamoa.) Once you turn onto the second Haneoo road you will drive downhill a half a mile and look for road side parking. The walkway down to the beach is adjacent to the bus stop pull out which will be amidst the rock walls. Parking is roadside, if congested park on the upper roadway above the driveway service entrance.


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