Hana Bay Beach Park


The town of Hana on Maui's easternmost point is a sleepy country town surrounded by gorgeous scenery and very remote and unguarded beaches. So it is worth mentioning this park for the island visitors who prefer safer ocean access with more protected beach and amenities. Hana Bay Park is a centrally located county park and beach that serves as a town center for Hana. With its numerous picnic tables, pavilions, kayak rentals and the local outrigger canoe club, Hana beach park is a hub of activity in this otherwise quiet little hamlet. The view from the top of the road leading into the bay is picturesque in a unique Hana way, black sand against bright blue water, yet you never know the best of it until you park your car and walk around.

HIGHLIGHTS: Easily accessible, safest Hana ocean access, friendly locals.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, kayaking, picnics, and outrigger canoe paddling.
WARNINGS!: After heavy rains a stream that enters the bay at the far end can create murky and turbid water conditions. Avoid swimming when these conditions exist.
AMENITIES: Restrooms, showers, pay phones, picnic tables, Hana community center hall, and small refreshment stand.

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Hana Bay Park and its beach is popular for many reasons. Deep-set bay has a protective pier and jetty making the right side of the bay front very sheltered from the often turbulent trade winds-driven ocean waters of the wet and wild East Side, As a guest to the islands and perhaps not experienced with the rough ways of the Pacific, this is hands down the safest place for you to swim and bathe on the entire East Side. The road fronting the bay has ample parking in a vicinity of a central building which is Hana community, a rentable gathering hall with refreshments stand and the public restrooms. Closer to the beach you will find several showers and multiple picnic areas.

A small beach that extends beneath the lawn and rock wall edge, to your right facing the ocean, is the best place for swimming. It is also the kids' spot for this park and has the calmest waters of any place in Hana. Looking out into the bay you may see Hawaiian outrigger canoes practicing the sport mornings or evenings. The concrete structure extending into the bay is what remains of the old wharf. Fallen into disrepair it nevertheless brings back memories of the days when all trade for this region was by boats. Walk down the road to the wharf and check out the large mountain setting astride the parking lot. It is actually a red cinder cone, gradually crumbling into the ocean and giving the beach a reddish tint.

It is not uncommon to catch a glimpse of a large local family gathering for birthdays and special occasions in one of the larger pavilions during the weekends. Some of the smaller picnic areas are set away from the main area, complete with privacy and fantastic surrounding views of broad shade trees and ocean front. If you want a taste of local life, this is your beach.

Closest town: Hana
Turn on Keawa Place off of Hana highway just a block away from Travasa resort center. Proceed down the hill through the 4 way stop sign and you will enter the parking area.

150 Keawa Pl.
Hana, HI 96713


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