Fagan's Cross


The Hana area of Maui is a step back in time, its' rural charm and spacious landscape invite you to slow down and experience a deeper sense of Hawaii. As most access to open lands in Hana is along the coast, it is a rare treat to find this easy hiking path right in the middle of town. Across the street from the Travassa Resort up through pasture lands to a hill in the distance the walk to the monument known as "Fagan's Cross" is a quiet reflective experience with breathtaking views that gives you a true sense of the deep natural beauty of Hana.

At a Glance:

Highlights: An easy to find walking path up a hillside above Hana town brings you to a panoramic view of lush green and fertile Hana.
Location: Inland across from the Travassa Resort in Hana town
Activity Level: Mild to moderate  at 1.5 mile round trip/ 1 hour walking time/500 foot elevation gain
Equipment: Sturdy shoes, rain gear, water and snacks.
Warnings!: This walk goes through pasture lands so be aware of livestock and cattle grates across the roadway between pastures. This is privately owned land so proceed at you own risk.
Reservations: None needed, open sunrise to sunset.
Cost: None

Where to start:
The walking path begins at the corner of the Travassa Hana Resorts guest parking lot across the street from the resort entrance. A small wooden gate marks the entrance that is in the uphill corner of the parking lot on the left. Close the gate after entry as there may be cattle in the fields above.  The paved road that you walk is single lane and not used by vehicles much, so it is a great walking surface as you ascend up the small mountainside winding your way up to the stone cross in the distance.

The view becomes ever apparent after about 5 minutes walk in, as you gain elevation stop for scenic breaks and you will be amazed by the vantage point this trail provides. As you get about 15 minutes into the walk the up and downhill views begin to rival one another, as the forest above stretch as far as the eye can see up the slopes of Mount Haleakala.

Fagan's Cross:
The stone cross to which this trail leads is a memorial to Paul Fagan, the founder of the Hotel Hana Maui who passed away in 1960. The cross sits at an elevation of 545 feet above sea level on a hillside called Puu O Kahaula. From this vantage point you can see major portions of the Hana district stretching to the ocean.

Local's Tip:
Up around the cross there are major ant infestations, so be careful placing food or backpacks on the ground.  

In downtown Hana across from the Travassa Resort, off of town portion of Hana Highway (5031 is address)


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