Wailua Falls


A drive through waterfall is a rare treat. The cooling falling mist and sound of rushing water jump out at you as you cross the bridge at Honolewa stream in Kipahulu. If traveling past the town of Hana driving to the National Park at Oheo Gulch, aka "Seven Sacred Pools", you won't be able miss the popular Wailua Falls.

At over 70 feet tall, with perpetual water flow, this waterfall is absolutely beautiful and picture perfect and visible from the roadway.

Kipahulu, Maui between mile markers 44 & 45

One of the most beautiful waterfalls easily seen on Maui is right next to the remote road connecting Hana and Kipahulu districts. Wailua Falls is so noticeable in fact, that it may be the most photographed waterfalls on Maui. Just past the waterfall is a pull out parking area making it easy to stop and take a break from the ever curving road. Often you will find several local crafts vendors set up here making this rest stop a little more charming. Once you have parked, make your way carefully to the bridge for an easy group photo, but watch out for the highly distracted tourist traffic.

Want to get a little closer:

If facing the waterfall on the bridge, a short trail through the forest on the right reaches the small pool at the base of the falls. Follow the trail on the Hana side of the bridge and you can lose a large portion of the crowds. You can sit quietly with the waterfall blissfully unaware of the road behind you. There is a small pool for a quick refreshing dip, but it is not conducive to swimming here. Beware of potential falling rocks from above if entering this area.

Local's Tip:

This area can be a crowd collector, but these crowds come and go quickly. Either stop walk about for a while and lose the crowds, or visit later in the day when the crowds lessen.
Bonus falls: As you proceed out of this gulch towards the Oheo National Park, look for a safe pull out after the furthest most curve. Safely walking back into the gulch around the outside of the curve, you may look up into the mountains and see hidden Waihiumalu Falls that sits high above Wailua Falls.

Between mile marker 44 and 45 on the road from Hana to Kipahulu, Maui.
Heading out of Hana, this is a 20 minute drive, and approximately 10 minutes before the National Park at Oheo Gulch. The waterfall has its own parking area and is visible from the roadway.


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