Wailuaiki Waterfalls


Half way to Hana is a great place to take a break and get out your car for a walk in the forest. If you slowdown and pay attention on the often overlooked area of the road past the village of Wailua, a secluded waterfall can be reached via this 1.5 mile round trip into the mountains by hiking up a hunting access road.

Stretch your legs and take a walk on the wild side as you step out to explore Wailuaiki Falls, this cold fresh stream runs year round.

Wailua, Maui

1.5 miles roundtrip via hunting road.

Wailuaiki is a remote waterfall reached by hiking a wide, but rocky hunting road up into state forest reserve. Typically the tourist traffic misses this waterfall completely, as they are hurriedly rushing to Hana. This waterfall is the perfect example of the trip to Hana being more about the journey, then the destination.

Where to start:
Approximately 1/3 of the distance between mile markers 21 and 22, on the mountainside of the road there will be a pullout after a sharp right turn, approximately 6 curves after the bridge just prior to mm 21. There is a grey metal gate with a brown sign with yellow lettering saying "Wailuaiki Road". Follow this road uphill and take the right split in approximately mile. A small landing with view of the waterfalls will follow, with a smaller grey gate to the left that leads to the small access road to reach the upper waterfall. The taller waterfall below cannot be safely reached so do not attempt. If you follow the road to the left, you will reach a small path on the left that leads to a large freshwater pool and a 30 foot tall waterfall.

Local's Tip:
This is the perfect break from the Hana Highway. Bring along snacks, and prepare to spend an hour here. As the location is remote, and you are leaving your vehicle behind it is recommended you bring along valuables with you.

Follow the Hana Highway past mile marker 21 and look for pullout on the right after a sharp curve, 6 curves after mm 21. Park on the shoulder pullout, and then look for the gated hunting road with signage for Wailuaiki Road.


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