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  • Huelo hike: Bamboo Forest Huelo

    Bamboo Forest Huelo

    Huelo, Maui
    There are many areas on Maui with bamboo, but not many that you can hike into a a fill forest of bamboo. Huelos bamboo forest has a maze of trails that lead to several waterfalls and lots of greenery. The experience of hiking through a bamboo... Read more
  • Huelo hike: Keanae Arboretum

    Keanae Arboretum

    Huelo, Maui
    This hike is a must for plant lovers and provides a great respite from the curve filled driving of the Hana Highway.  It marks nearly the halfway point to Hana on the scenic highway between mile markers 16 and 17. An easy to follow paved... Read more