Kamaole I Beach Park


The northernmost of three Kamaole Beach Parks, this beach is by far the longest with nearly 600 yards of light soft sandy beach and plenty of room to spread out. The far right end of the beach is known as "Charley Young Beach" and has a separate entrance and parking if you find that you prefer the quieter end of the beach. The central section of the beach in front of the lifeguard towers is the most popular and has a feeling of being a "California" beach except, of course, for the warm and inviting aqua-blue ocean and views of the islands of Lana'i and Koho'olawe in the distance.

HIGHLIGHTS: Gentle sloping wide soft-sanded beach with ample space to sunbathe and take long beach walks or runs.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, jogging, beach walks, boogie boarding, picnicking, sunset viewing and beach volleyball, launching site for SUP (Stand-Up Paddling) and canoe.
LIFE GUARD: YES located in the center of the beach adjacent to the parking area.
WARNINGS!: Both ends of the beach have rocky points that stretch out into the water so be careful when entering and exiting there. Also be aware of currents that favor the left side of the beach near the rocky point. Safest area is the stretch of sand in front of the lifeguard tower.
AMENITIES: Parking areas, lifeguard tower, showers, restrooms, picnic tables with BBQs, beach volleyball court, ADA accessible via beach-chair, inquire with lifeguards.

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What makes this beach seem so large is it actually being the combination of two beaches. The left half of the beach is commonly called "Kam I". There are minimal rocks along this beach due to its use as a training grounds for beach landings during WWII. Developed area of the park fronting South Kihei Road is where you find the life guards tower, restrooms and showers, as well as a few picnic tables. A public-use beach volleyball court is to the right of this area when facing the ocean, and you might end up in a game with visitors from any part of the world.

Picnic anyone?
The far left of the park has a large lawn above the sand, dotted with picnic areas, and is great for picnics with friends. It also is a great spot for families who might like to be near the ocean but not on the beach all day.
Another bonus to this beach is easy food availability from restaurants, carts, and a health food store within walking distance on the South Kihei Rd. There is even a mini-grocery called the "ABC store" across the street from the restroom facilities.

Look before you go:
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Traveling south on route 31 or Pi'ilani Highway look for Alanui Keali'i Parkway and turn toward the ocean. This road will T-intersect South Kihei Road, at the light at the bottom of the hill. The parking areas for Kamaole 1 are either directly across the intersection straight ahead or a left turn and then an immediate another left-hand turn into the gravel parking lot across the street. There is a small amount of roadside parking on South Kihei Road about a hundred yards down south, on the ocean side of the street.

Street address:
2400 South Kihei Road
Kihei, Maui, HI 96753


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