Learn how to surf or stand up paddle at the Cove


Surfing is a longtime favorite watersport with its' origins in Hawaiian culture. Though not for everyone, surfing can be appreciated by the masses safely from the near shore break in Kihei, Maui known as "the Cove". For those wishing to try this activity for the first time, a surfing lesson is the way to go. At the "Cove" both regular surfing, and stand up surfing is available, as the conditions suit both variations perfectly.

At a Glance:
Highlights: Learning a great watersport while floating on the crystal blue waters of Kihei, a perfect way to enjoy an epic Maui ocean day.
Activity level: Easy to moderate, but requires a good sense of balance, strong legs, and swimming ability. Beginner's instruction is recommended.
Options: Take a lesson and get your initial "how to's", then practice with rental boards with the comfort of your own timing and stamina.
Warnings!: Beware of the under water topography, corals, and rocks.
Reservations: For lessons and rentals reservations are required
Cost: Surf and Stand Up Paddle lessons are $60 per person for 2 hour long group lessons if you assemble small group. Private lessons $140 per person or $85 per person for semi-private 2 to 3 person group sharing instructor.

Where to Start:
After you have called and made the arrangements by phone with Mauiwaveriders.com the Surf Shack in Kihei is easy to find. Once parked, check in, and your instructors or staff will help you size up a board that will fit your body type. Lessons take place across the street, and are preceded by a 15 minute land lesson on water safety and "surfing 101" to give you an understanding of the basic concept before attempting it on the liquid ocean. Traditional surfing is done with mostly upper body strength and requires waves for propulsion. The conditions at the "Cove" favor the beginner, as the waves are consistently small and underwater topography more sand, less coral.

The "Cove" is also the perfect location to give stand up paddling or "SUP" a try. Born out of the combination of two Hawaiian ocean sports, surfing and canoe paddling, the wave of SUP has now swept the globe making it one of the most popular new paddling activities on the planet. Stand up paddling works the whole body, but is easily grasped through just a few lessons or hours of practice after an initial lesson to get the basics.

Stand up paddling is better at getting you up and moving with muscles you have been using in other fitness activities. When you get your skills up on SUP you get to really move around and explore, almost like having a kayak. SUP fun can be had with or without waves as your propulsion is in the paddling so an up river trek or bay front exploration are possibilities.

Local's Tip:
Go early for this activity, mornings are best for less wind and better surf possibilities. Once you have tried surfing or SUP, it is an easy way to get daily water and ocean time.

Stand Up Paddle and Surf rentals and lessons:
Phone: 808-875-4761
Website: www.Mauiwaveriders.com

2021 S. Kihei Road
Kihei, HI 96753


The "Cove" is at the south end of Kalama Park in central Kihei.
The surf shack for board rentals is on the corner of Auhana Road and South Kihei Roads.

From Kahului: Head South on HI-route 31 through Kihei turning right at Kanani Road, proceed for one block then turn right at the stop sign onto Auhana Road. Find parking as you approach South Kihei Road.


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