Kamaole II Beach Park


The most hidden of the three Kamaole beach parks, about half-a-mile south from Kamaole I, this beach is just as gorgeous but about half the size of its northern neighbor. Many people drive by unaware of Kamaole II's existence as a small sign marks its location, and only roadside parking is available. The beach is backed by dunes of soft light sand and you must cross the dunes to reach the beach, removing you further from the hustle of the roadway. There are several marked paths and small boardwalks to do so, and a sign by the lifeguards tower says that a "beach assistance chair" is available for those in need. A small lawn fronts the roadway through half the park and has a number of barbeques and picnic tables.

HIGHLIGHTS: Gently sloping wide beach with ample room, cleared of rocks. Picture Perfect!
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, some snorkeling along rocky ends of beach, picnicking, and body boarding
WARNINGS!: Both ends of the beach have rocky points that stretch out into the water so be careful when entering. Also be aware of rip currents that favor the left side of the beach near the rocky point. Safest area is the hundred yards in front of the lifeguard tower.
AMENITIES: Lifeguard tower, showers, restrooms, picnic tables and BBQs, ADA accessible.

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At both ends the beach is flanked by rocks and reefs that stretch out under water and onto the beach, but the central area is very rock-free. The lifeguard tower is centrally located and all the park amenities nestle in its vicinity. A grassy lawn backs the tower, showers and restrooms, with picnic tables and BBQs located to the left of the bathrooms. Of all the three beach parks, this one has the smallest picnic and amenities area. There is no designated parking lot at this park, so all parking is in the street on the ocean side of South Kihei Road.

Traveling in Kihei on route 31, or Pi'ilani Highway, look for Alanui Ke Ali'i traffic light intersection and turn toward the ocean. This road will intersect South Kihei Road, at the light at the bottom of the hill. Turn left and follow South Kihei Road 0.4 miles down looking for the beach and street parking on the right.

There is no designated parking lot for this park, so parking is roadside, beginning from across from the "Kama'ole shopping center" and continuing for several hundred yards along the ocean side of the roadway. Please note all posted parking regulations signs.


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