Atlantis Submarines Maui

Atlantis Submarines Maui


With Atlantis Submarine Adventures, the ocean becomes readily accessible and easily shared as you walk into an undersea vessel designed with touring in mind. The experience of diving beneath the near shore waters of Hawaii is unforgettable, but when you go by submarine it becomes a family size experience.

State of the art Atlantis submarines get you closer and deeper into the wild natural ocean, with Morey eels, sharks, occasional whales, and tons of fish floating about exotic coral reefs just outside your window.  
Bonus-Everybody has a window seat!

Tour Hours & Schedule:
9 am to 2pm, every hour on the hour. Check in 30 minutes before.
6 tours daily, 45 minute underwater, 1hour and 45 minute excursions when factoring in check in, shuttle boat, and boarding time.

$109+ plus tax  $45+ tax under 12- must be over 3 feet tall.
 *260 lb. weight limit, due to use of ladder to enter and exit the sub.

Not everyone has the composure needed explore the ocean depths around Hawaii, as it is well known that the currents and ocean conditions can be dangerous. A submarine tour is a great option for those wanting to see the beauty of the deep blue sea without the stress that swimming in the wilds can bring.

Where to start:
After booking your tour by phone or online, check in occurs within 30 minutes of your departure time by visiting the Atlantis Submarine retail store located on Front Street, in the lower story of the famous Pioneer Inn.  A short walk from the store across the Banyan Tree Park to the harbor brings you to the loading area for the "shuttle boat" to the submarine, which is offshore at the actual dive location.
The Atlantis staff is very helpful and courteous, feel free to ask them about the experience and what to expect. Once settled at the shuttle boat slip, you might take a last restroom break before the adventure, as there are none onboard the shuttle boat, or submarine.

What to expect:
The Atlantis submarine is a well-designed and operated craft. The submarine seats 48 people, though tour attendance varies by season and time of day. Boarding the shuttle boat, and the submarine is fairly easy via a ramp. Entering the submarine requires the ability to climb down, then up a ladder. Once inside, the experienced crew helps you get situated and the exploration begins. Guided by a support tugboat on the surface, the submarine dives from surface up to 130 feet depending on visibility. Coral reefs thriving with fish, and the sunken hull of ship teaming with undersea activity are highlights of the 45 minute tour. An onboard guide and narrator interprets the action out your submarine windows. Additionally each seat sits opposite a window that has a fish identification card attached for your use during the tour.

What to bring:
You won't need much as the submarine experience is pretty inclusive with water refreshment onboard. A camera is tempting, but shooting pictures is challenging during the underwater portion of the tour. Best to leave backpacks, and larger purses onshore as there is little storage in the submarine.


Local's Tip:
Perfect for the non-swimmers, young or elderly vacationers wanting to experience the ocean safely. Mid-day submarine adventures have the best lighting and less of a crowd then the early and later subs.


Lahaina town is on Maui's west side, reachable by HI-route 30. Look for Shaw Street intersection, which is close to the southern end of town. Turn on Shaw Street heading toward the coast. At the stop sign at the end of Shaw Street, turn right onto Front Street. Follow Front Street for several blocks, looking for municipal parking lot on the right hand side at the intersection of Prison Street. This lot is two blocks from the harbor and Atlantis Submarine check in. If you wish to look for closer parking, continue on Front Street heading north, and pass the Banyan Tree Park the left, and turn onto Hotel Street. Parking spaces are marked, mostly on the left. Follow the one-way streets around the Banyan Tree Park and if parking space is not available, either circle back or proceed to the municipal parking at Prison Street.


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