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  • Paia restaurant: Mama's Fish House

    Mama's Fish House

    Paia, Maui
    Located just outside of little town of Paia on the North Shore of the island this Maui original has been serving up gourmet seafood delicacies for over 40 years. Mama's Fish House restaurant has a unique dcor that is as much a work of art as it... Read more
  • Paia restaurant: Flatbread


    Paia, Maui
    The Flatbread Company approaches pizza with a unique, out-of-the-box flair, with an emphasis on natural, healthy, locally-sourced ingredients. With several locations around the country, it rounds out the dining choices in the North Shore... Read more
  • Paia restaurant: The Paia Fish Market

    The Paia Fish Market

    Paia, Maui
    The "line to the door" phenomenon should be an indicator of just how good the food is at this legendary North Shore restaurant. Started in 1989, the Paia Fish Market is famous for its delicious local catch seafood at very affordable pricing. Eat... Read more
  • Paia restaurant: Dazoo


    Paia, Maui
    A hip new addition to Paia's dining scene is the eclectic-Korean-fusion restaurant Dazoo. Presenting some amazing flavorful takes on traditional Asian faire infusing fresh Hawaiian ingredients in a tasty menu of tapas. An equally dazzling array... Read more