Baldwin Beach


H A Baldwin beach park is the perfect example of mixed-use island-style beach park on Maui's north shore. There is a long white sand beach that stretches nearly 3/4 of a mile and provides a great walking opportunity of a rare hotel-less stretch of sand without crowds. Both ends of the beach harbor protected swim areas with natural break walls. These are our local baby beaches and are well used by locals of all sorts, so best to blend in and enjoy the fun. Keep in mind if people aren't swimming it could be for a reason. If in doubt don't go out.

The various stretches of the beach serve different purposes and there is a life guard located by the pavilionon the beach front (look for the yellow life guard stand). There are portable restrooms (real rest area under construction due to be completed this year) and showers by the pavilion. Locals will often have the pavilion rented for ohana (family) parties and celebrations so it can be crowded for parking on the weekends. Mornings are generally the least crowded part of the day with easy parking.

Life guards are visitors' best friends when approaching this or any other beach in Hawaii. The conditions for swimming vary by season and are potentially hazardous so always look for their posted warning signs and ask them if it is safe to swim. They will usually provide clear directions as to where are best conditions for that day. Both ends of the beach are safer for swimming than the middle part. You may see people body surfing or boogie boarding there, but beware as the waves crash onto shallow water in that area and should be avoided.

Here is a link to the Maui county page referencing the parks facilities:

Getting there: the closest town to Baldwin beachpark is the famous surfer town of Paia. If heading from Paia to Baldwin, you would exit town heading west on the Hana highway (route 36) and look for the signs on the right sideof the road 0.7 miles out of town.

From Kahului, exit town on route 36, also known as Hana highway. You will pass the Haleakala highway traffic light, then proceed 2.9 miles toward Paia. Look for the golf course on the left or ocean side of the road then slow down and enter the center turning lane. There is a sign facing the road from the park, and a large expansive green field with tall coconuts lining the road. However there is no parksigns on your side of the roadway.


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