Kalama Park - Kailua


Kalama Park, Kailua

A gorgeous alternative to Kailua Beach Park, the lesser-known Kalama Park is a small grassy park stretching from North Kalaheo Avenue to the middle of Kailua Bay. Kalama's beach front is a part of the 4-mile stretch of uninterrupted sand that spans the entire Kailua Bay. This green grassy park is small, but affords you an easy access to the part of the beach far removed from the more popular parts of Kailua Beach. A great, easy to find beach hideaway in Kailua.

HIGHLIGHTS: Quiet middle section of Kailua Bay and beach, beautifully scenic, and not very crowded.
ACTIVITIES: Swimming, bodyboarding, stand-up-paddling, beach walking, and lounging.
WARNINGS!: Surf here is shore break-prone.
AMENITIES: Parking lot, restrooms, picnic benches, and showers.

It is easy to see why people love Kailua so much. The ocean here is pristine and the scenery is gorgeous. Kalama Park is a lesser-known beach access that gets you to the central and less utilized parts of Kailua Beach. The park is charming with green grassy lawns, a community center, and small parking lot, all in a residential neighborhood. A paved walkway winds through the park around the buildings to a tree-lined beachfront. The ocean here is a bit more wave impacted then down at the southern portion of the bay. There is some good body boarding and body surfing on milder days, but currents on bigger wave days.

The 180-degree view from the beach is stunning, revealing the entire crescent of Kailua Bay and its long white strip of the beach. Mokapu Peninsula encloses the northern end of the Bay, and the two Mokulua islands to the south make for truly panoramic tropical scenery. The beach itself is wide and open in this area, backed by rustling coconut palms. There are miles of walking in either direction, a sublime treat. This area can get windy, especially in the afternoons, but low-growing shrubs and trees provide some wind break and shade.

Though surrounded by old housing developments, this beach does not have services and refreshments in its immediate vicinity. Nearby Kailua Town Center and the northern end of Kalaheo Avenue (where it intersects Mokapu Boulevard) are your closest areas for restaurants and stores.

Adventure Tip:
If exploring the area for the day, start with the more popular destinations of Lanikai Beach or Kailua Beach Park, have lunch, then travel to this park once the crowds fill in everywhere else.

A video taken at Kalama beachfront:

Closest town: Kailua
Directions: Take Highway 61 North/ Pali Highway to the town of Kailua. Continue on Kailua Road and follow signs as it turns into Kuulei Road. At the intersection of North Kalaheo Avenue turn left and the park is 0.5 miles ahead on the right.

280 North Kalaheo Avenue
Kailua, HI 96734


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