Polo Beach


Located across from Dillingham Lodge and right next to the Polo Club, this is one of the most secluded and unique beaches on Oahu. Horses are pastured on both sides of the long sandy path leading down to the beach, giving the lucky animals a beach view. Having horses on the beach adds an "old Hawaii" feel, and although it is a bit out of the way, this beach is definitely worth the trip.


HIGHLIGHTS: The path leading from the road to the beach is not a far one, but it typically takes some time because the horses love to greet beachgoers and it often turns into a little photo op. Once you get beyond the fences, the beach stretches wide and long in both directions and, on a normal day, is practically deserted.

ACTIVITIES: Sunning, swimming, snorkeling, picnics, fishing


WARNINGS!: Although it is more protected than some of the nearby beaches, the currents can be strong here depending on the day, and there are no lifeguards in the area. If you head down to the far right end of the beach, you may encounter a nudist or two. However, it is easy to avoid them if you stick to the main beach area in front of the entrance path.

AMENITIES: Parking along the side of the road

Polo Beach is on the far northwest side of the island, near Kaena Point. It is often passed by as people head to the more well-known Mokuleia Beach Park or Kaena Point, both of which are further down Farrington Highway, but it is a lovely beach with much to offer. There are no amenities here, but if you are looking for somewhere secluded and "country," this beach is paradise.

Closest town: Waialua

Polo Beach is located off of Farrington Highway, across from the Dillingham Lodge and right next to the Polo Club. If you're headed toward Kaena Point, the beach access will be on the right, before the Polo Club. You can park along the side of the road and walk down the path to the beach.


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