Kaunaoa Bay


Kaunaoa Bay, Mauna Kea Beach Resort

Lat: 20.005109
Lon: -155.822686

Kailua-Kona 60 minutes south

Lifeguard: Yes

Hours: sunrise to sunset daily

From Queen Kaahumanu Highway and turn makai (toward the ocean) into the Mauna Kea Beach Resort. When stopped at the guard shack say that you are going to the beach.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii is also one of the more difficult to access. Limited parking area and a heavily patrolled resort make it extra safe but also extra difficult to access. The best way to enjoy a day at Kaunaoa is to arrive early. Access begins at sunrise and most tend not to arrive until after 10am. Those who are persistent will enjoy a crowd free picture perfect beach with fine white sandy shoreline and, clear sunny conditions. There are public restrooms and shower facilities at the south end for beach goers. The resort guests gather on the north end of the beach leaving the south end quiet and comfortable, but remember as with all beaches in Hawaii, the entire beach is a public area and therefore no alcohol is allowed at anytime. The beach stand offers rentals of everything from snorkel and fins to paddle boards for all who visit the beach.

This family friendly beach is the picture postcard beauty that many envision when they think of Hawaii. Gentle and calm conditions during the summer make it a perfect spot to learn to body board or surf, kayak, paddling and snorkeling. However, the winter months bring intermittent periods when rougher and stronger conditions are best suited for the experts and experienced.


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