Upper Waikani Falls


This picturesque cascading waterfall is one of the most easily viewed along the historic scenic route known as the "Hana Highway". It is so popular that it almost always has a crowd at the viewing area, but that often depends on the time of day.  The falls are also sometimes affectionately referred to as the "Three Bears".

One of the most photographed waterfalls along the beautifully scenic Hana Highway. It forms a nice side by side triple waterfall during low flow, and is a raging vertical river during floods.
Hazards!: Best not to attempt to reach the stream at the bottom of the waterfalls. There is no trail, and the drop off is 40 feet to the bottom so skip trying to reach this one. Pictures only!

The most beautiful bridge along the entire Hana Highway marks your arrival at the easily viewed Upper Waikani Falls. This waterfall never dries up, unlike some of its seasonal neighbors. If you are lucky enough to catch this waterfall flooding you are in for a treat. The road is safely above flood level, allowing you to view the falls as its sound and fury carve up the streambed bellow.

Local's Tip:

The popularity of this falls has made for adjustments to the parking areas. As you approach the bridge, you may decide to drop off your friends and family at the bridge viewing area and shuttle your vehicle 100 yards past the bridge to the safe parking areas on the left. If it is crowded, save it for your return trip from Hana later in the day.

Between mile marker 19 and 20 on the Hana Highway, aka HI-route 360.
If heading from town toward Hana, the Waikani Falls are approximately mile past the Wailua scenic lookout. A 1 hour drive from Kahului.


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