Wailupe Beach Park


Although it's small, Wailupe Beach Park is pristine and picturesque, with lots to offer. Located just east of Honolulu, it's easy to get to and popular with local families for picnics and fishing.

HIGHLIGHTS: Lots of grass, plenty of parking, abundant shade, and a beach that is most suited to fishing activities.

ACTIVITIES: Fishing, surfing and kayaking (farther out), picnics


WARNINGS!: The coastline is very rocky. If you are fishing or venturing into the water, be careful not to slip or get cut.

AMENITIES: Restrooms, showers, picnic tables, parking

The shoreline here is rocky, so you'll want to either bring a beach chair or plan on sitting in the grass. Wailupe Beach is unique because the water is shallow for quite a ways out the waves break far out from land. Because of this, the water is calm and you can wade fairly far out without the water coming past your waist. You'll often see people with fishing poles wading out into the water, but not many people swim here because of all of the rocks.

Although shallow, the water is a bit murky so it's not a good snorkeling spot.

With plenty of picnic tables and shade trees, its a great place to spend an afternoon if you want to relax in a park-like setting with beautiful views. If you're looking for a sandy beach with turquoise water and some waves, you'll want to keep going.

Closest town:


  • Take the H1-E from Honolulu. Wailupe Park will be on the right, just a short distance past where the H1 becomes Kalanianaole Highway. If you reach Hawaii Kai, you've gone too far.
  • From the windward side: Take Kalanianaole Highway down the coast to Honolulu. Once you pass Hawaii Kai, be watching for Niu Valley Shopping Center (on the right). Wailupe Beach Park will be just a short ways past that, on the left.


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