Laie Point State Wayside


Offering epic views, good fishing, and great photographic opportunities, Laie Point is a must-see along Oahu's northeastern coast. It is located a bit off the main road, so often missed unless you know to look for it.


HIGHLIGHTS: The most photographed spot here is the puka (hole) in the rocky island to the left. Since the land here comes to a point, it provides amazing views of this part of the island's rugged coastline. The narrow section jutting out from the center is a popular fishing spot. Depending on the day, you may see locals jumping from the cliffs to the right.

ACTIVITIES: Fishing, photographing, cliff jumping


WARNINGS!: Some of the rocky areas are extremely sharp. It is a popular cliff jumping location, but the currents are very strong and it can be difficult to tell where the rocks are underwater as it's not clear, so use extreme caution if you decide to jump.


Featuring beautiful views of cliffs and the coastline on both sides, Laie Point is also a historic spot in Hawaiian history. A plaque mounted on a large boulder to the right side of the park gives the following account of the legendary history of this spot:

"Laniloa is the name given to a point of land which extends into the ocean from La'ie. In ancient times this point was mo'o, standing upright, ready to kill the passerby. After Kana and his brother had rescued their mother from Molokai and had taken her back to Hawaii, Kana set out on a journey around the islands to kill all the mo'o. In due time he reached La'ie, where the mo'o was killing many people. Kana had no difficulty in destroying this monster. Taking its head, he cut it into five pieces and threw them into the sea, where they can be seen today as the five small islands lying off Malaekahana."

If you look along the coastline along the point, you can see the five islands mentioned in the story. They are: Kihewamoku, Moku'auia, Pulemoku, Kukuiho'olua, and Mokualai.

Closest town: Laie

Directions: Naupaka St., Laie, HI 96762
Laie Point is located behind a neighborhood off of Kamehameha Highway. When you enter Laie (heading north), turn right on Anemoku Street, then right onto Naupaka Street. Laie Point is all the way at the end of Naupaka Street. You can pull off and park along the side of the road.


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