Mokule'ia Beach Park


Whose familiar with the smash hit TV series Lost will find instant familiarity with this secluded and little-known gem of a beach often used for the ABC show's filming of scenes. Tucked away on Oahu's North Shore, Mokule'ia Beach is a marvelous spot to spend the day in peace, quiet and solitude. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, white sands and beautiful blue waters beckon visitors to slow down, take a deep breath and just "be."

Turtle sightings are a standard here on this secluded stretch, as are a cluster of scattered surfers, wind and kitesurfers. The beach is located en route to the farthest point of the North Shore (called Ka'ena Point), where winds provide the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts, sending welcomed breezes to cool off sunbathers as well. For those wanting to just get away from it all while enjoying a simple piece of paradise (in peace), Mokule'ia Beach beckons.

HIGHLIGHTS: A secluded stretch of white sand beach paired with pristine, blue waters. The perfect getaway for those wanting a quiet and cozy corner of the North Shore to settle into for the day -- while escaping craziness of the common crowds.
ACTIVITIES: Shallow water swimming, wading, windsurfing, fishing, snorkeling and surfing -- hiking and camping are also available nearby.
WARNINGS!: Though peaceful and quiet, the remoteness of this beach also comes with shallow reef. Swimming and wading near shore is okay, just beware of the extremely strong undertow, especially in winter, and watch for stubbed toes!
AMENITIES: Mokule'ia Beach Park has portable toilets, picnic tables and a water fountain on site. The closest sundries store is at least ten miles away, so plan accordingly for picnics and supplies for the day.

Mokule'ia Beach Park, the only park with any facilities found on this section of road running from Waialua to Ka'ena Point, provides free parking and is found directly across from Dillingham Airfield. One exciting benefit of being located as so, is the not uncommon occurrence of looking up to a steady stream of skydivers providing a colorful kaleidoscope in the clouds an exciting plethora of parachutes floating downwards toward their Dillingham Airfield landing pad. Another common scene is cyclers, spinning past and pedaling along the quiet, pedestrian friendly country road toward Ka'ena Point's nature conserve located just a hop, skip and jump away.

"Mokule'ia" in the Hawaiian language literally means "district of abundance," and evidence of this moniker is made visible everywhere the eye can see with lush, green mountains towering all around you. Whether it is setting up a BBQ, enjoying a romantic or family picnic, jumping in the water or walking the lengthy beach undisturbed, Mokule'ia makes for a wonderful way to while away the day with those you love.

As you drive to your destination, pay particular attention to all the beauty that passes en route, including a stable and polo field filled on most any day with a myriad of gorgeous horses running and grazing. Just past the beach park, at the very end of the road, Ka'ena Point offers a leisurely (yet warm and unshaded) hike to a protected Bird Sanctuary. Dotted along the drag you will also spot local fishermen reeling in their bounty (spear fishing is especially stellar here).

And for those wanting to extend their stay on these sweet Hawaiian shores, camping on the beach is common, while an official Camp Mokule'ia is just next door, where you can either rent a cabin or bring your own tent!


  • From Haleiwa, moving west of Haleiwa town center, take Farrington Highway towards Ka'ena Point. The beach park will be located on your right, directly across from Dillingham Airfield.
  • Address: 68-67 Farrington Hwy., Haleiwa, HI 96791

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