Painted Forest - Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Painted Forest - Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees


The enchanted and iconic Road to Hana features an overwhelming abundance of sights, smells, and unreal beauty as it winds its way down to the sleepy town nestled in the middle of the rainforest in south Maui. Located near the beginning of the curvy trek is the "painted forest" of rainbow eucalyptus trees, a stunning sight that is often missed by drivers as they fly past on their way other, more talked-about destinations. However, this unique display of colorful trees is worth at least slowing down to appreciate. If there is space available to pull off to the side of the road, take a moment to walk amongst the trees and be pulled in by their distinct, one-of-a-kind beauty.

Rainbow Eucalyptus trees originate from a southern island in the Philippines and thrive only in warm, humid climates. The outer layer of the tree's bark peels away to reveal the vibrant green layer underneath. As time passes, the bright green slowly fades to a darker green, and then on to blue, purple, pink, orange, and maroon before returning back to brown and beginning the process all over again. Each tree displays a "rainbow" of colors at the same time because different layers on the same tree peel away at different times, revealing multiple brushstrokes of various colors.

Heading toward Hana, the painted forest will be on your left just before mile marker seven along Hana Highway. There is a very small shoulder to the right allowing cars to pull over, but only a couple of cars can pull over at a time. If there is not room, be careful not to stop or interfere with the flow of traffic. Continue ahead to the next pull-off and walk back.

Hana Highway, just before Mile Marker 7

From Paia, head south on Highway 36 (Hana Highway). The painted forest is approximately seven miles down the road, on the left (makai) side of the road.


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