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  • Haleiwa beach: Shark's Cove - Pupukea Tide Pools

    Shark's Cove - Pupukea Tide Pools

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    Shark's Cove / Pupukea Tide PoolsAn amazing snorkel and dive spot on Oahu's North Shore, this area offers variety of ways to interact with the ocean when calmer conditions prevail. The tide pool section is well-protected shallow ocean water... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park

    Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    A hub of activity for beach lovers in Haleiwa town, this park is spacious, covering 19 acres of land along the ocean and adjacent to the Haleiwa Boat Harbor. This beach has is a great panorama of breaking surf in the foreground, and a view of... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Off the Wall

    Off the Wall

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    This world-famous surf break is packed with surfers, photographers, and other beach goers during the winter months when the swells bring wave-chasers from around the world. During the summer months, it offers a calmer and less crowded beach... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Ke Waena Beach access - Pipeline south

    Ke Waena Beach access - Pipeline south

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    Beautiful and lesser known Ke Waena beach access is actually at the lifeguard tower to the south of the famous surf break known as "Bonzai Pipeline".. When the world is flooding into the Ehu Kai Beach Park to the north to watch spectacular... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Ehu Kai Beach Park - Banzai Pipeline

    Ehu Kai Beach Park - Banzai Pipeline

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    One of the world's most famous big wave surfing locations, this beach park is a mile of light sandy beach connecting to 1.2 acres of grass lands. This mecca of surfing is the center of activity during large northern swells that reach the area... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Hale'iwa Beach Park

    Hale'iwa Beach Park

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    On the easternmost edge of Hale'iwa town, off of Kamehameha Highway, you will find this great multi-purpose beach park. The view is stunningly Hawaiian, with Hale'iwa Harbor and breakwaters in the foreground, expansive Waialua Bay stretching out... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Waimea Bay Beach Park

    Waimea Bay Beach Park

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    This famed North Shore beach is an easy-to-find true Hawaiian classic. Abundant white sand and deep turquoise blue waters with no reefs or submerged rocks create a picture-perfect beach paradise. Located at the mouth of the Waimea Valley and... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Pupukea Beach Park

    Pupukea Beach Park

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    A sweet little beach and snorkel area that is often overlooked as it sits between two much more popular parks on Oahu's North Shore. Pupukea is also referred to as "Three Tables" because of the 3 flat rock formations a short distance out in the... Read more