Hawaii Beaches

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  • Hana beach: Red Sands Beach

    Red Sands Beach

    Hana, Maui
    Perhaps one of the more mysterious and least understood spots in the small town of Hana is Kaihalulu Bay or "Red Sands Beach". Though not very safe or easy to reach, many make the trek to find out that the beach is not made of sand at all, but... Read more
  • Waikiki beach: Publics


    Waikiki, Oahu
    Publics is the stretch of beach nestled between the north side of Waikiki Aquarium and the south end of Queens Beach. The surf break and the beach are named after the public restrooms that they front. To the left and right of the restroom... Read more
  • Aina Haina beach: Wailupe Beach Park

    Wailupe Beach Park

    Aina Haina, Oahu
    Although it's small, Wailupe Beach Park is pristine and picturesque, with lots to offer. Located just east of Honolulu, it's easy to get to and popular with local families for picnics and fishing. AT A GLANCE: HIGHLIGHTS: Lots of grass, plenty... Read more
  • Waianae beach: Maili Beach Park

    Maili Beach Park

    Waianae, Oahu
    One of the most beautiful beaches on the west side of Oahu, Maili Beach Park stretches across 40 acres of land along the coast. White sand, turquoise water, and gorgeous mountain views create a pristine oasis that stands apart from some of the... Read more
  • Kihei beach: Kamaole I Beach Park

    Kamaole I Beach Park

    Kihei, Maui
    The northernmost of three Kamaole Beach Parks, this beach is by far the longest with nearly 600 yards of light soft sandy beach and plenty of room to spread out. The far right end of the beach is known as "Charley Young Beach" and has a separate... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Waimea Bay Beach Park

    Waimea Bay Beach Park

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    This famed North Shore beach is an easy-to-find true Hawaiian classic. Abundant white sand and deep turquoise blue waters with no reefs or submerged rocks create a picture-perfect beach paradise. Located at the mouth of the Waimea Valley and... Read more
  • Lanikai beach: Lanikai Beach

    Lanikai Beach

    Lanikai, Oahu
    Lanikai Beach is the beach you are envisioning when you think tropical paradise. Lanikai literally means "heaven ocean" in the Hawaiian language, and though it is not the longest beach on the island, it is amongst the most beautiful. The sand is... Read more
  • Waikiki beach: Kapiolani Beach Park

    Kapiolani Beach Park

    Waikiki, Oahu
    The first public park in Hawaii, dedicated in 1877, this park's 300 acres of green space feel like a tropical "Central Park", only oceanside. The south end of the park fronts the beach and ocean at the eastern end of the high-rise district of... Read more
  • Hanalei beach: Hanalei Pier and Black Pot County Beach Park

    Hanalei Pier and Black Pot County Beach Park

    Hanalei, Kauai
    Along the edge of the Hanalei River where it flows into the beautiful Bay there is a small sand bar and beach, backed by a green grassy park. Black Pot County Beach Park is the place,  and it is the beginning of  2 miles of white sand... Read more
  • Hana beach: Honomanu Bay

    Honomanu Bay

    Hana, Maui
    Honomanu Bay's stunning black sand beach is a landmark along the legendary Road to Hana that most visitors hope to catch a glimpse of from the road high above, but very few actually make it down to the bay as it is not easily accessible.... Read more