Lumaha'i Beach


Lumaha'i is a true Kaua'i stand out as a wild and undeveloped beach that can be reached without a long walk. It is easy to find stretching along the Kuhio Highway a few miles outside of Hanalei town. Preferred parking is in the shade of a small forest grove, adjacent to the river mouth and bridge, a charming combination that makes for the perfect stop over point on your way to or from the Ha'ena area.

HIGHLIGHTS: Picture perfect long walking beach lined with a ironwood trees, that separate it from the road.  In the summer the beach grows wide and stretches between two access points. In the winter larger surf pounds close to the beach making for great viewing, but dangerous swimming.
ACTIVITIES: Long beach walks and lounging, river play, and cautious swimming.
WARNINGS!: Lumaha'i can be extremely dangerous when there are waves of even a few feet in height, the long and remote beach has rip currents and strong undertow, especially where the river empties into the ocean. If in doubt, try swimming in the river near the parking area inland from the ocean 50 yards or more.
 AMENITIES: Parking roadside. No restrooms, closest are in Hanalei.

Lumaha'i is beautifully panoramic, the far-reaching view of Pu'u Poa Point stretches out in the east meeting a deep-blue ocean that spans the northern horizon. The entire length of the beach is edged by the predominantly ironwood pine forest that make for an added ambience and feeling of seclusion. The middle section of beach gives a wild and open feeling where you can get away from it all. This spot is a lesser-known North Shore beach and a romantic location for long walks or picnicking,

The light golden sands of Lumaha'i shift drastically throughout the year. Large waves in the winter pull the sands out to sea, while mellow summer surf bring the sands back to shore creating nearly a mile of unobstructed beach. In the summer the beach stretches between the 2 access points, and the eastern access closest to Hanalei becomes a crescent cove with protected near shore swimming. This end of the beach practically disappears in the winter, and access here should be avoided due to the dangerous ocean conditions.

Adventure tip:
If the waves are too rough here, go to the Hanalei Pier aka Black Pot County Beach Park.  Also recommended for calmer ocean is Anini Beach a 20-minute drive from here, heading back East on Kuhio Highway just past Princeville.

Closest town: Hanalei

Kuhio Highway/HI-route 560 West, exiting Hanalei town. As the road wraps along the edge of Hanalei Bay and many surf breaks, pay attention as the road loses sight of the ocean. Near mile marker 32 the road will bend sharply left and there will be 3 small roadside "pull outs" on the right. This is the first Lumahai access, with a 150 yard steep downhill trail. The second and best access point is approximately 1 mile further, noticeable as the road straightens paralleling the ocean and gently sloping downhill, just prior to mile marker 33. A photo of the access point is in our gallery attached to this writing.


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