Hana Things To Do

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  • Hana thingtodo: Haleakala National Park Kipahulu Section

    Haleakala National Park Kipahulu Section

    Hana, Maui
    Located twelve miles beyond the tiny, historic town of Hana, the Kipahulu District of the Haleakala National Park is a lush tropical oasis that is home to the 'Ohe'o gulch (also known as the Seven Sacred Pools,) Maui's iconic bamboo forest,... Read more
  • Hana thingtodo: Kahuna Gardens

    Kahuna Gardens

    Hana, Maui
    Also know as the National Tropical Botanical Garden,this sweeping ocean front landscape is a historical landmark, housing the remnants of a temple complex dating back to the nearly 1200 A.D. Constructed over several hundred years then named... Read more
  • Hana thingtodo: Hana Lava Tube aka Kaeleku Cave

    Hana Lava Tube aka Kaeleku Cave

    Hana, Maui
    Hawaii is full of "unreal" sights and experiences, and the Hana Lava Tube on Maui is one of the most unique and unusual. The largest and most accessible lava tube on the island, this massive cave is a stunning world of its own tucked along the... Read more
  • Hana thingtodo: Wailua Falls

    Wailua Falls

    Hana, Maui
    A drive through waterfall is a rare treat. The cooling falling mist and sound of rushing water jump out at you as you cross the bridge at Honolewa stream in Kipahulu. If traveling past the town of Hana driving to the National Park at Oheo Gulch,... Read more
  • Hana thingtodo: Wailuaiki Waterfalls

    Wailuaiki Waterfalls

    Hana, Maui
    Half way to Hana is a great place to take a break and get out your car for a walk in the forest. If you slowdown and pay attention on the often overlooked area of the road past the village of Wailua, a secluded waterfall can be reached via this... Read more