Sunset Beach - Paumalu


This beach is wild and wonderful, with azure-colored waters near shore that expand out to meet deep-blue ocean horizon. It is home to one of the most legendary stretches of surf in the Hawaiian islands, as well as one of the most dangerous during the northern swells. Sunset beach hosts multiple surf breaks that barely show themselves in the summer, yet they swell so immense in the winter that the beach can often be closed to all but the most experienced surfers for safety reasons. Long wide stretch of white sand, locals surfing and bodyboarding, and amazing sunsets all comprise a quintessential picture of the North Shore lifestyle at its best.

HIGHLIGHTS: A gorgeous world class beach and bay, with excellent winter surf watching. In summer, it is placid and has excellent snorkeling opportunities amongst the very same reef that produces the mighty surf.
ACTIVITIES: Summer swimming, and snorkeling, winter surf watching, and ultimate beach lounging.
LIFEGUARD:YES, 7 days a week 9am to 5:30 pm
WARNINGS!: Lots of reef and underwater topography so make your entry and exit carefully. During high surf, currents make this beach dangerous for swimming. If in doubt, always speak with the lifeguards.
AMENITIES: Restrooms, parking, pay phone, picnic tables, and barbeques are all part of the Sunset Beach Support park to the north of the beach.

This beach is the northern end of a 7-mile stretch of sand, known to the surf world as a "7-mile miracle" because of the multitude of surf breaks stretching along one of the most beautiful coastline areas in Hawaii. Also, as the name implies, the sunset views are spectacular all year round, with sun setting into the ocean.

Sunset beach stretches along Kamehameha highway between the mile markers 8 and 9, and has lots of roadside parking. Of all the north shore beach parks this one is closest to and easily visible from the road. At the easternmost end of the beach there is an additional parking area at the support park across the road. It is also where you will find all the amenities . This end of the beach can be popular with larger tour groups stopping in by the van load. To lose the crowds, simply walk 100 yards in either direction and you will feel the spaciousness of this beach.

A long paved walking and biking pathway separates the road from the beach and stretches all the way southwest to Waimea Bay. It is popular amongst the locals, and is a great find for vacationing runners who prefer to have a jog before hitting the beach. If you prefer beach walking, head south down the beach and walk a mile to the famous "Banzai Pipeline", or head right and walk just under a mile around Sunset Point to Kaunala Beach.

*Lifeguards do not recommend leaving valuables unattended here, either visible in your unoccupied car or on the beach when out swimming. Even in paradise thievery is possible, and you should take steps to hide your valuables out of view.

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Closest town: Waimea

Kamehameha Highway east 83 between mile marker 8 and 9


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