Maui Beaches

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  • Makena beach: Big Beach

    Big Beach

    Makena, Maui
    Makena State Park, more commonly known as "Big Beach", goes by many names including Makena, Big Beach, and the Hawaiian name "Oneloa". Getting to Big Beach is easy from Kahului, just take State Highway 31 (Mokulele Hwy) towards Kihei, follow for... Read more
  • Kapalua beach: Honolua Bay

    Honolua Bay

    Kapalua, Maui
    A multi-use natural playground, Honolua Bay provides the best natural wilderness of the West Side with forest walks, surf watching and snorkeling all on your adventure menu. Part of the Honolua-Mokuleia Bay marine life conservation district, the... Read more
  • Hana beach: Koki Beach

    Koki Beach

    Hana, Maui
    This beach is a short drive from Hana town and is centered among several Hawaiian heritage sites. Beautiful crescent of soft sand curves along the bottom of a striking red-and-yellow-striped cinder cliff, with an off-shore islets dotting the... Read more
  • Kahului beach: Kanaha Beach

    Kanaha Beach

    Kahului, Maui
    Directly next to the Kahului airport lies Maui's most hidden beach known as Kanaha Beach Park. A mile-long stretch of green grass lawns and tree-lined soft white sand beaches, it is a world-renown windsurfing and kite-boarding spot, attracting... Read more
  • Kihei beach: Kamaole III Beach Park

    Kamaole III Beach Park

    Kihei, Maui
    This beach has the best park atmosphere of the three "Kamaole beach parks", it is as much about family gatherings, picnics and playgrounds, as it is about the ocean access. Though this beach is only a little over a hundred yards long, the clean... Read more
  • Hana beach: Hana Bay Beach Park

    Hana Bay Beach Park

    Hana, Maui
    The town of Hana on Maui's easternmost point is a sleepy country town surrounded by gorgeous scenery and very remote and unguarded beaches. So it is worth mentioning this park for the island visitors who prefer safer ocean access with more... Read more
  • Lahaina beach: Napili Bay

    Napili Bay

    Lahaina, Maui
    A balmy, coconut palm-lined soft sandy beach with calm vividly blue water and gentle breezes, this is the place where you can just float away in relaxation. Welcome to Napili Bay, a wide and open west-facing ocean bay that whispers paradise in... Read more
  • Hana beach: Red Sands Beach

    Red Sands Beach

    Hana, Maui
    Perhaps one of the more mysterious and least understood spots in the small town of Hana is Kaihalulu Bay or "Red Sands Beach". Though not very safe or easy to reach, many make the trek to find out that the beach is not made of sand at all, but... Read more
  • Kihei beach: Kamaole I Beach Park

    Kamaole I Beach Park

    Kihei, Maui
    The northernmost of three Kamaole Beach Parks, this beach is by far the longest with nearly 600 yards of light soft sandy beach and plenty of room to spread out. The far right end of the beach is known as "Charley Young Beach" and has a separate... Read more
  • Hana beach: Honomanu Bay

    Honomanu Bay

    Hana, Maui
    Honomanu Bay's stunning black sand beach is a landmark along the legendary Road to Hana that most visitors hope to catch a glimpse of from the road high above, but very few actually make it down to the bay as it is not easily accessible.... Read more