Japanese Cultural Center


The Japanese Cultural Center offers a unique look at the journey of Japanese in Hawaii over the decades, beginning with the arrival of the first immigrants in 1868. Located "off the beaten path" in Honolulu, their historical exhibits and displays are definitely worth seeing and offer a glimpse into a culture that is deeply intertwined with the past and current landscape of Hawaii. 



The Japanese Cultural Center's exhibit, Okage Sama De: I am what I am because of you, opened in 1995 and since that date has been sharing with visitors a riveting, colorful story of the Japanese culture in Hawaii. Revamped two years ago, the exhibit features unique historical artifacts, tapestries, wall displays, an informational video, and more. 

While the Okage Sama De exhibit is permanent, the center features changing community exhibits of arts and crafts. The center also has a recourse library with over 5000 books in both English and Japanese, including rare historical books. 

The fourth floor of the center is home to the Seikoan Teahouse, which offers public classes and hosts tea ceremonies. 

The Japanese Cultural Center is also home to the Kenshikan Dojo, which provides one of Oahu's best facilities for learning martial arts. 

A gift shop is located next to the historical exhibit, and visitors can find antiques and other items such as kimonos, tea sets, Japanese dolls, books, and much more. 

Hours:  Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm; Saturday 9am  - 2pm

Website: www.jcch.com

Phone: 808-945-7633


Adults - $7

Youth (under 18) - $5

Students - $5

Seniors - $5

Address:  2454 S Beretania St #101, Honolulu, HI 96826

Directions: From Waikiki, take Ala Moana Blvd past the shopping mall and turn right onto Ward Ave. Turn right onto S King St, and follow it for two miles. Turn left onto S Beretania St. The Japanese Cultural Center will be on the right, with a parking garage right next to it.


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