USS Arizona Memorial


This memorial marks the tragic spot where the USS Arizona was sunk during the Pearl Harbor bombing in 1941, and where 1777 of her crewmen lost their lives. Part of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, the structure is 184 feet in length and stretches across the middle of the sunken ship. Names of the lives lost in the attack are engraved into its walls.

Following the attack on that fateful December 7th, the battleship sunk in nine minutes. Although planning to construct the memorial began in 1949, it wasn't completed until 1961. Visitors can explore two museums located on the visitor center property to learn more about the history of the USS Arizona and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The original anchor can also be seen at the visitor center.


HIGHLIGHTS: The Visitor Center, where you will park your car and obtain your ticket to the memorial, provides a wealth of information on the history of Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona, and the December 7th attack. Visitors can explore museums, a bookstore, gift shops, and educational displays scattered throughout the grounds, along with views of the harbor and her ships.

ACTIVITIES: Museums, gift shops, educational videos, tours, photographic opportunities

WARNINGS: The USS Arizona memorial is located off of a military base, so you will be taken by boat to the memorial and will have to leave your car parked back at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. You will not be permitted to take any bags (purses included) out to the memorial with you so be prepared to either leave them in your car or check them at the visitor center for $3 and carry necessary items in pockets. Cameras are allowed but again, not in bags.

USS Arizona Memorial tours run every 15 minutes from 8am-3pm.

Free, but first-come first-serve. It is best to arrive early! The 75-minute tour includes a video on the attack and a boat ride out to the memorial. Appropriate for all ages.

1 Arizona Memorial Place, Honolulu, HI 96701

From Waikiki, take the H1 west. Follow the signs toward Pearl Harbor and the airport. Take Exit 15A (Arizona Memorial/Stadium) and follow the "Pearl Harbor Historic Sites" signs. These signs will lead to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Once you park and purchase your tickets, a boat will take you out to the USS Arizona Memorial.


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