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  • Kapaa restaurant: JO2 Tapas Bar

    JO2 Tapas Bar

    Kapaa, Kauai
    An exciting new tapas bar providing a chic dining atmosphere in the middle of sleepy Kapaa town, JO2 is the second restaurant offering from Chef Jean-Marie Josselin one of the originators of "Hawaii Regional Cuisine". Chef Josselin has over 25... Read more
  • Kapaa restaurant: Tiki Tacos

    Tiki Tacos

    Kapaa, Kauai
    The best fish tacos on Kaua'i can be found midway through the town of Kapa'a at a little storefront called "Tiki Tacos". The secret is the owner whose actual name is Tiki. She brings the wealth of flavors of her experiences with her grandma's... Read more
  • Hanalei restaurant: The Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant

    The Hanalei Dolphin Restaurant

    Hanalei, Kauai
    Serving up goodness since the early 1970's, the Hanalei Dolphin is a seafood lover's dream. This multi platform establishment has many options for some of Kauai's freshest catch fish. The Hanalei location sits aside the Hanalei River at the... Read more
  • Poipu restaurant: Tortilla Republic

    Tortilla Republic

    Poipu, Kauai
    There are many ways to create and present Mexican food, the Tortilla Republic restaurant in Poip'u has a twin dining areas that bring island infused modern Mexican cuisine to the table. The daytime into evening ground floor "TR Taqueria and Bar"... Read more
  • Kapaa restaurant: Art Cafe Hemingway

    Art Cafe Hemingway

    Kapaa, Kauai
    They take the" food as art" concept to a whole new Hawaiian infused level, at Caf Hemingway. Combining flavors mixed from old world European cuisine with the influence of Kauai fresh produce and livestock, chef Jana Boemer makes her dishes with... Read more
  • Poipu restaurant: Red Salt Restaurant

    Red Salt Restaurant

    Poipu, Kauai
    A great discovery for a higher end dining experience, with less commotion then most other Poipu restaurant locations is the Red Salt Restaurant at the Ko'a Kea Resort. The restaurant dcor is inspired, modern, chic, airy and open, yet a great... Read more
  • Kapaa restaurant: Hukilau Lanai

    Hukilau Lanai

    Kapaa, Kauai
    Hukilau Lanai is becoming very popular for its consistently delicious food and a courteous service. There is an air of family about the place, which is surprising as they are located amidst a hotel lobby in Kapaa town. It is a very visitor... Read more
  • Wainiha restaurant: Sushi Girl

    Sushi Girl

    Wainiha, Kauai
    Sometimes good take-out food wins over everything else in an area, such is the case in Wainiha Kauai near the epic "end of the road" beaches. Fresh, local, and organic are a rare find, but at Sushi Girl Kauai they are the key to good tasting... Read more
  • Lihue restaurant: Gaylord's and the Mahiko Lounge

    Gaylord's and the Mahiko Lounge

    Lihue, Kauai
    The 16,000 square foot Kilohana Estate is a stately manor built in 1935 by sugar baron Gaylord Wilcox. In 1986 the visitor experience of "Kilohana" was crafted incorporating the restoration of the old manor and estate into shops, galleries, a... Read more
  • Hanalei restaurant: The Hanalei Gourmet

    The Hanalei Gourmet

    Hanalei, Kauai
    A great eatery at the hub of Hanalei town, the Hanalei Gourmet has been around since 1985. Many Hanalei restaurants have come and gone, while the Gourmet has been consistently feeding the masses. The food is approachable and slightly gourmet,... Read more