Halona Blowhole


This small cove is a hidden gem tucked along the southeastern coast of Oahu. The blowhole attracts a steady flow of tourists year-round, and right next to it is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach that is often missed. Regardless of whether or not the blowhole is active, it is worth stopping by for the stunning view alone. The blowhole is most likely to be active when the wind is strong and tides are high.  The beach area is a perfect spot for sunning and whale watching, and, if the conditions are right, snorkeling and swimming.


HIGHLIGHTS: Breathtaking views of rocky cliffs jutting out from the shoreline, the blowhole, quiet beach, whale watching, and snorkeling (if conditions are good) to see the abundant sea turtles, fish, and reef lined with Sinularia Leather Coral

ACTIVITIES: Sunning, whale watching, swimming and snorkeling (depending on conditions)


WARNINGS!: There is an extremely dangerous current under the blowhole. Since the beach is rather hidden and there is no lifeguard, use extreme caution if swimming or snorkeling. It is best to stay out of the water unless it is a very calm day. Caution should also be used around the blowhole:  the "geyser"-like waves can be very unexpected and there have been deaths in the past when people got too close and were sucked in. To access the beach, you have to climb down a side of the cliff (the entrance is along the side of the road, to the right of the parking lot if facing the ocean). It is not particularly dangerous, but if you're hoping to enjoy the beach on your visit, be prepared for this.

AMENITIES: Free parking. The nearest restrooms & showers are located just down the road at Sandy's Beach.

There is a decent sized parking area just off the road. If the lot looks to be too crowded with tour busses, there is additional parking along the road on either side of the main parking area. The blowhole can be viewed from a fenced platform on the left side of the parking lot, and there is typically a large number of people gathered here. To access the beach, make your way to the right (if facing the ocean) side of the parking lot. Running right along the road, there is a dirt "path" leading down the side of the cliff.

The beach is a great spot to relax if you are looking to get away from some of Oahu's busier beaches. However, be aware that it is not always safe to go into the water. If the surf is calm, it can be an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling, but when the waves are a bit larger the current can be very strong and it is best to stay on the sand. If you decide to climb along the cliffs on either side of the beach area, be alert to what is going on around you as large waves can sometimes unexpectedly wash up over the sides.

Closest town: Hawaii Kai (Honolulu)


  • From the Windward side: Take Kalanianaole Highway (72) through Waimanalo and past Makapuu, Sea Life Park, etc. The Halona Blowhole will be on your left, just past Sandy's Beach.
  • From Honolulu: Follow the H-1 (it will turn into Kalanianaole Highway) past Hawaii Kai. The road will start weaving around the cliffs, and the Halona Blowhole will be to the right, shortly past Hanauma Bay


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