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  • North Shore beach: Velzyland


    North Shore, Oahu
    Although it is part of the strip of famous North Shore surf breaks, Velzyland is set apart from the rest and off of the main road, so seems more secluded. The land running up to the sand is wooded, which adds to the "private" feel and provides... Read more
  • North Shore beach: Log Cabins

    Log Cabins

    North Shore, Oahu
    Oahu is known for having some of the best and biggest waves in the world, and during the winter months countless pro surfers, photographers, and observers descend on the several mile long strip of coast that is the mecca of the surfing world to... Read more
  • North Shore beach: Rocky Point

    Rocky Point

    North Shore, Oahu
    Another one of North Shore's famous reef breaks, Rocky Point attracts throngs of pro surfers and fans all winter long. As the name implies, you can find this break by the lava rocks scattered on the beach in front of it. AT A GLANCE: HIGHLIGHTS:... Read more
  • North Shore beach: Laniakea Beach

    Laniakea Beach

    North Shore, Oahu
    Also known as Turtle Beach, Laniakea is an essential stop-off point for tourists traveling along Oahu's North Shore. The green sea turtles that frequent this section of the coast have made it a favorite, and year-round you'll find throngs of... Read more
  • North Shore beach: Chun's reef

    Chun's reef

    North Shore, Oahu
    Chun's is a reef break located off a beautiful stretch of beach right in the middle of the 7-miles of North Shore surf breaks. In the '60s, local surfer John Chun would often bring his children to surf this spot, as the break in front of his... Read more
  • North Shore beach: Sunset Beach - Paumalu

    Sunset Beach - Paumalu

    North Shore, Oahu
    This beach is wild and wonderful, with azure-colored waters near shore that expand out to meet deep-blue ocean horizon. It is home to one of the most legendary stretches of surf in the Hawaiian islands, as well as one of the most dangerous... Read more