Oahu Things To Do

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  • Honolulu thingtodo: Children's Discovery Center

    Children's Discovery Center

    Honolulu, Oahu
    The mission of the Honolulu Children's Discovery Center is to provide children with an eye-opening glimpse into the amazing world around them through fun interaction and play. Located just a short drive from Waikiki, the center features four... Read more
  • Waikiki thingtodo: Wyland Gallery Waikiki

    Wyland Gallery Waikiki

    Waikiki, Oahu
    Acclaimed marine life artist Robert Wyland is famous throughout Hawaii and beyond for both his art and his environmental conservation efforts. His art work encompasses a variety of mediums including painting, photography, and sculptures and can... Read more
  • Honolulu thingtodo: X-treme Parasail

    X-treme Parasail

    Honolulu, Oahu
    If you're looking for a thrill to spice up your Hawaiian vacation, parasailing is the perfect activity for you. The adrenaline rush is a given, and bird's eye views of Oahu, from Waikiki down to Diamond Head, provide a unique perspective of this... Read more
  • Honolulu thingtodo: Honolulu Museum of Art

    Honolulu Museum of Art

    Honolulu, Oahu
    Amidst the hustle of downtown Honolulu there is an oasis of art and culture. The Honolulu Museum of Art provides a great atmosphere to explore Asian, Arabic, European modern and American modern art. A great selection and diversity of styles is... Read more
  • Waimanalo thingtodo: Sea Life Park

    Sea Life Park

    Waimanalo, Oahu
    Located just a short drive from Honolulu, Sea Life Park is a paradise within paradise for kids and adults alike. The spacious, colorful park is home to some of the most spectacular sea life species including dolphins, turtles, sharks and... Read more
  • Honolulu thingtodo: USS Arizona Memorial

    USS Arizona Memorial

    Honolulu, Oahu
    This memorial marks the tragic spot where the USS Arizona was sunk during the Pearl Harbor bombing in 1941, and where 1777 of her crewmen lost their lives. Part of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, the structure is 184... Read more
  • Kahala thingtodo: Dolphin Quest at the Kahala Resort

    Dolphin Quest at the Kahala Resort

    Kahala, Oahu
    If you're a dolphin lover, this unique activity is sure to make your Oahu vacation unforgettable! Guests and visitors to the exquisite Kahala Resort just east of Honolulu can embark on an adventure with Dolphin Quest in the resort's beautiful... Read more
  • Honolulu thingtodo: Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise

    Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise

    Honolulu, Oahu
    Enjoy the beauty of Honolulu's skyline and sunset on a Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise, which features a variety of meal options, on-board music and entertainment, and killer views all the way along the coast to Diamondhead. The cruise meal... Read more
  • Honolulu thingtodo: USS Missouri

    USS Missouri

    Honolulu, Oahu
    Majestic and awe-inspiring, the USS Missouri is one of the most stunning and high-trafficked sights at Pearl Harbor. Commissioned on June 11, 1944, the USS Missouri is most famous for its role in World War II and particularly in the end of it.... Read more
  • Honolulu thingtodo: First Friday

    First Friday

    Honolulu, Oahu
    The first Friday of every month, tourists and locals alike descend on Chinatown to eat, drink, mingle, and enjoy the myriad of art galleries tucked throughout the quaint streets. Pubs and restaurants offer First Friday food and drink... Read more