Maui Things To Do

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  • Wailuku thingtodo: Hawaiian Village Tour

    Hawaiian Village Tour

    Wailuku, Maui
    This one of a kind tour experience immerses you into the world of "pre-contact" Hawaii. Through this hike and multidisciplinary immersion guests are welcome to practice some of the crafts and preparations applied by the native kanaka (people) to... Read more
  • Maalaea thingtodo: Snorkeling at the Molokini Crater

    Snorkeling at the Molokini Crater

    Maalaea, Maui
    The perfect combination of world-class snorkeling with an ocean voyage across the azure blue Alalakeiki Channel makes an excursion to Molokini unforgettable. The remote location of the small islet creates a uniquely rich natural marine preserve... Read more
  • Hana thingtodo: Wailua Falls

    Wailua Falls

    Hana, Maui
    A drive through waterfall is a rare treat. The cooling falling mist and sound of rushing water jump out at you as you cross the bridge at Honolewa stream in Kipahulu. If traveling past the town of Hana driving to the National Park at Oheo Gulch,... Read more
  • Hana thingtodo: Kahuna Gardens

    Kahuna Gardens

    Hana, Maui
    Also know as the National Tropical Botanical Garden,this sweeping ocean front landscape is a historical landmark, housing the remnants of a temple complex dating back to the nearly 1200 A.D. Constructed over several hundred years then named... Read more
  • Kihei thingtodo: Maui Raceway Park

    Maui Raceway Park

    Kihei, Maui
    Drag racing in the US experienced a boom in the post-WWII era as military veterans with a "need for speed" returned to the states itching to get on a race track, and Hawaii was no exception. Founded in 1963 by a group of Maui drag racers, the... Read more
  • Maalaea thingtodo: Whale Watching with Pacific Whale Foundation

    Whale Watching with Pacific Whale Foundation

    Maalaea, Maui
    Each year, around 2,000 whales spend the winter months in the warm, tranquil waters around the Hawaiian Islands, with the majority of those taking up residence around Maui. Watching the mothers and calves frolicking offshore as they breach and... Read more
  • Makawao thingtodo: Makawao Forest Reserve

    Makawao Forest Reserve

    Makawao, Maui
    Embrace the magic and peaceful beauty of Maui's upcountry with a visit to the Makawao Forest Reserve. Located just a few miles above the historic "cowboy" town of Makawao, the forest features scenic trails with a wide assortment of unique trees... Read more
  • Lahaina thingtodo: Goofy Foot Surf School

    Goofy Foot Surf School

    Lahaina, Maui
    Surf's Up Brah! When in Maui, what better activity to try than an ancient tradition and popular, ever-growing sport? Located in Lahaina, Goofy Foot Surf School offers one of the best surf lessons on the island. Established in 1994, this company... Read more
  • Kula thingtodo: Kula Botanical Garden

    Kula Botanical Garden

    Kula, Maui
    The dream garden of a professional landscaper, this mountainside oasis is a great road-trip in the making. At 3,300 feet of elevation, taking a drive to the country to experience the abundance flowers at the Kula Botanical Garden is a great... Read more
  • Hana thingtodo: Wailuaiki Waterfalls

    Wailuaiki Waterfalls

    Hana, Maui
    Half way to Hana is a great place to take a break and get out your car for a walk in the forest. If you slowdown and pay attention on the often overlooked area of the road past the village of Wailua, a secluded waterfall can be reached via this... Read more