Oahu Beaches

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  • Waikiki beach: Canoes and Queens

    Canoes and Queens

    Waikiki, Oahu
    This stretch of Waikiki beach that includes Queens and Canoes is popularly known as the birthplace of surfing thanks in part to Duke Kahanamoku and the Hawaiian royalties before him who considered these beaches their playgrounds.  Because... Read more
  • Waimanalo beach: Kaiona Beach Park

    Kaiona Beach Park

    Waimanalo, Oahu
    The beaches of Waimanalo are the most magically picturesque pieces of tropical paradise you could ever imagine, and Kaiona Beach Park is no exception. Soft white sand, bright turquoise ocean, and sun kissed rippled mountains create an ideal... Read more
  • Hawaii Kai beach: China Walls aka Koko Kai Mini Beach Park

    China Walls aka Koko Kai Mini Beach Park

    Hawaii Kai, Oahu
    Located deep in the Hawaii Kai back roads you will find China Walls, a beach you can do everything at. You can come here just to bathe in the sun and hang out with the family, you can surf when the south swell comes in or you could just dive... Read more
  • Waianae beach: Ulehawa Beach Park

    Ulehawa Beach Park

    Waianae, Oahu
    Away from the main "tourist zones" of Oahu, Ulehawa Beach Park offers a refreshing break from the crowds and chaos of other beaches. The beach features ample space, shade, and a long stretch of white sand, but due to hazardous conditions it is... Read more
  • Honolulu beach: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

    Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

    Honolulu, Oahu
    Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve This is a must-see wonder of nature on Oahu's south shore. In the years under protected status, the fish population has returned to very high numbers, and numerous marine life is thriving, creating unparalleled... Read more
  • Honolulu beach: Halona Blowhole

    Halona Blowhole

    Honolulu, Oahu
    This small cove is a hidden gem tucked along the southeastern coast of Oahu. The blowhole attracts a steady flow of tourists year-round, and right next to it is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach that is often missed. Regardless of whether or... Read more
  • Haleiwa beach: Hale'iwa Beach Park

    Hale'iwa Beach Park

    Haleiwa, Oahu
    On the easternmost edge of Hale'iwa town, off of Kamehameha Highway, you will find this great multi-purpose beach park. The view is stunningly Hawaiian, with Hale'iwa Harbor and breakwaters in the foreground, expansive Waialua Bay stretching out... Read more
  • Waikiki beach: Publics


    Waikiki, Oahu
    Publics is the stretch of beach nestled between the north side of Waikiki Aquarium and the south end of Queens Beach. The surf break and the beach are named after the public restrooms that they front. To the left and right of the restroom... Read more
  • Aina Haina beach: Wailupe Beach Park

    Wailupe Beach Park

    Aina Haina, Oahu
    Although it's small, Wailupe Beach Park is pristine and picturesque, with lots to offer. Located just east of Honolulu, it's easy to get to and popular with local families for picnics and fishing. AT A GLANCE: HIGHLIGHTS: Lots of grass, plenty... Read more
  • Waianae beach: Maili Beach Park

    Maili Beach Park

    Waianae, Oahu
    One of the most beautiful beaches on the west side of Oahu, Maili Beach Park stretches across 40 acres of land along the coast. White sand, turquoise water, and gorgeous mountain views create a pristine oasis that stands apart from some of the... Read more